Blood Bowl – For the love of the game

Blood Bowl was my first love in tabletop wargames, and by that has a nearly untouchable stand in my collection. It was one of the easiest to write the evaluation about, and I set up a "new" season / franchise back last year when I completed my collection from the third edition (1994 to 2000).

I stay with the nostalgia and will keep it with the third edition teams, miniatures and rules. In addition with having Blood Bowl gifted to me on Christmas 1996, during that time, for a few seasons, I watched the World League of American Football, later NFL Europe, with my dad on a regular basis.

Blood Bowl - The Great Fact Book 1997 World League Blood Bowl - The Great Fact Book 1997 World League


Dino’s annual preview 2022

New year, new luck! That's my wish for the year 2022, which unfortunately still stands under the ominous star of the Corona pandemic. But let's assume that by some miracle the almighty and wise governments of this world have found a solution to the problem, what is then on the program for 2022 in terms of hobby?

Well, first of all, I'd like to write the last article of the first season of The Journey of the Maulers - I actually played the game back in December 2020. Admittedly, that's not quite up to date, but for me the conclusion of the first season just feels more rounded that way.

Blood Bowl - The Journey of the Maulers


Kick Off 2022

So, let us kick off into 2022! We did a sum up of the last year earlier this week, now let's focus on the new year and opportunities.

Chaosbunker - Dennis

If this is the first time on this blog. Welcome! My name is Dennis (aka SiamTiger on some boards), I'm a wargamer for more than 25 years and ran blogs and portals on that topic for about half that time. I enjoy writing about wargaming, especially reviews of which you can find about 300 on here, and am supported by Daniel / Dino on topics like Mortal Gods, Gaslands and Blood Bowl. As we're wargaming dads and most of our wargaming friends are, time is a precious commodity, that should be well spent. That means for us, having a fun time around our hobby; narrative scenarios, painted miniatures, foods, drinks and not having to argue about a dice throw or manoeuvring motion.

With that in mind, you'll find articles on mid to late 90's Games Workshop on here, Bolt Action, and some other game systems not from Nottingham, coverage on conventions, shows and day trips.


December 2021 review

A brief recap of the whole year 2021, not just the last month. To give some perspective on the activity this year - for multiple reasons, with "only" 77 new posts we had fewer articles published this year, compared to the last years rising numbers (2020 - 195 new posts, 2019's 176 or 2018's 140 posts). I even finally stayed true to my promise to cut down on reviews, of which I published 12 this year (now summing up to a total of 275 English and 320 German published reviews), clearly less than the about 50 of last year.

So, what were the reasons for this?

We moved in summer into our new home, and with a collection as extensive as mine, that takes a bit of time in preparation. In the first half of the year, when I spend time in my hobby den, it was mostly to sort out items that I didn't want to keep and sell off before I move them.

Chaosbunker - Move to new Studio Old Studio - Empty

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Dino’s annual review 2021

Adios 2021! Finally the year is over and as usual in the Bunker, we take the time and ponder a little about the events of the past year. Of course, I could make it easy for myself now and say "Burn in hell 2021!", but despite many lows, there were definitely also pleasant highs.

And so the year got off to a pretty good start when I was able to add a group of painted zombies to my Army of Hades in January and finally bring it up to 300 points in February.

Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements


Happy New Year 2022!

2021 is coming to an end, so enjoy today's New Year's Eve and have a Happy New Year 2022!

Chaosbunker - Happy New Year 2020

Make the most out of your time, what ever makes you happy. Spend the evening with your support bubble, get out your paints and brushes, have a good meal and proper drink along with it, get out your games, consoles or lego bricks and take care of yourself.

And beginning with January 1st, do more of the things, that you enjoy, that benefit your mental and physical health. Set a resolution hobby wise, set up a regular a painting time slot, join a painting challenge or get a paint pal to keep things in the flow. Oh and get rid of items and projects, you're not going to finish. I can honestly tell you, it is a relieve to have a smaller pile of shame - and bit sized pieces are easier to chew.

I will use the next days to scope the schedule and plans for 2022 - at least the parts that are for me to decide - and I want to pick up the quarterly challenge (again).

If you fancy some sneak peaks on what I am working on, follow me on social media, either facebook or instagram.

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Twelve months, 20,- Euro Final Part…?

Weeell, well, well, look what’s here – if this isn’t the end of the year already! So it's high time to take a last look at my great moderation this year. In the following I have listed what I have spent my money on and yes, even in the last month I stayed within the budget - mission accomplished!

Twelve months, 20,- Euro Part 12


The true meaning of X-Mas … erm Warhammer

While I was looking for some special interest content / ideas, I browsed through my copies of the Citadel Journal and some of the articles, especially the conversions, reminded me of something, that often gets lost in the nostalgia of Middle- and Oldhammer.

Citadel Journal

I am looking online for the last missing pieces, a few poses to give my squads more variations and such, and I came across people who are collecting boxed as new kits and blisters (sic!). And while I can absolutely understand paying an extra dime for untouched and especially complete miniatures (just calculate the effort to strip painted miniatures and the time, costs and chances to get your hands on that missing bits), I honestly don't understand the appeal of collecting sealed blisters (unlike let's say action figures, you're just looking at a few grams of metal, a base and a sponge), to a degree keeping the boxes (they have the original artwork, are nice to look at, but keeping them sealed? yeah ... no).


Giving Black Ops a try

This is a brief battle report, that has been hiding in the draft section for more than two years, covering Black Ops.

The wargames series by Osprey covers small, compact rule sets. Usually around 12 GBP and 64 pages thick. Among them you'll find rule sets like the popular post-apocalyptic Gaslands or historical and fantasy systems like Lion / Dragon Rampant. But today we want to take a look into Black Ops. Between the holidays of 2018 and 2019, we used the spare time for a game of Black Ops. I've seen it at Crisis a few years back in 2015, was written by Guy Bowers. Not an unfamiliar name in wargaming, as he's working for Karwansaray Publishers on Wargaming Soldier & Strategy.

Crisis 2015 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2015 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp


Oldhammer – The Hunt – 2021 status

While consolidating and taking stock, I made the decision that I wanted to keep the scope of my collection to the mid to late 90s Games Workshop miniatures. I narrowed it down to certain projects and evaluated, which to complete or sell off.

The original idea was to write about "the hunt" for Old- and Middlehammer, which I started in 2019 with a brief introduction on how to start your project and to scope it. The ongoing process of sourcing your stock / the needed miniatures was covered in two more articles, one rather generic with basic information and another focused on the Imperial Guard. From there I went on and covered the progress, introducing the individual units, with detailed information on design, alteration, prices and so on - for example with Chaos Space Marines. And all that went more or less well until early 2020.

Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Chaos Space Marines

It is not that I lost interest on continuing the series or stopped the projects. It is primarily due to the fact, that the circumstances have changed so much, that it is rather difficult to write about something, like price values or suggestion, that aren't reliable or useful at the moment up until the unforeseen future. And it is not a single incident, more a rather unlucky combination of multiple things, that lay heavy on our small niché hobby.