February 2021 review

February is over and I'm still waiting for the arrival of my UK packages ... because it is still post-brexit chaos.

UPS Status


Old World Empire to sell

Steamtank (missing plastic wheels) - 40 EUR

Warhammer Fantasy - Empire Lot

Ludwig Schwarzhelm - 40 EUR
Elector Count of Averland, Marius Leitdorf - 40 EUR

Warhammer Fantasy - Empire Lot

Champion cleaning sword - 20 EUR
Bürgermeister / Major - 15 EUR
Griffon Banner - 15 EUR
Empire Noble - 12 EUR
Duellants - 40 EUR
Empire Engineers - 6 EUR

Warhammer Fantasy - Empire Lot

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Small Orc lot to sell

Orc Warlord Grotfang, incl. Boar head and Banner - 15 EUR
Grumlok & Gazbag (pro painted, deluxe shading, Tzeentch paint job) - 18 EUR
Orc Warlord Grotfang - 8 EUR
Savage Orc Shaman Wurrzag without mount - 12 EUR
Wild Orc Shaman on foot - 8 EUR
Orc Shaman on Boar (head#2) - 15 EUR

Warhammer Fantasy - Orc Lot Warhammer Fantasy - Orc Lot

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Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

February is known to be a bit shorter than the other months, so you would think that mentally there would be a bit of pressure to finish painting planned minis. Well, maybe it was like that at the beginning, because I finished the last group of skeletons for my Mortal Gods Army of Hades pretty quickly. This surprised myself so much that I just tried to finish the remaining group of zombies and managed to do so, which completed the army.

Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements

With 300 points for the Hades faction, I was satisfied. Now it was time to completely assemble another faction so that I would no longer have to play games with ugly proxies for Mortal Gods.


Modern Combat – Humvees, Tanks and Marines

The chassis are ready, a convoy of 3 to 4 almost identical looking vehicles would be okay, but as these will be put to use in smaller games and skirmishes, I didn't want to use clones, so I bought some Black Dog resin upgrades a while back.

Black Dog Humvee Sets Black Dog Humvee Sets Black Dog Humvee Sets

Casting quality is pretty wild, some parts are just broken or not fully casted. Black Dog threw some of them in there multiple times, probably to make up for that lack of quaulity. The instructions are only available for the IDF kit and even there a bit vague.


Modern Combat – Assembling the HUMVEE Convoy

Some things take up less space once they are assembled, so while sorting out items I came across the Humvee kits by Tamiya in 1/48th scale, and those would be a lot smaller when built. And it was a welcome diversion from sorting, taking pictures and dropping off parcels at the post office.

Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE

Tamiya doesn't call them HUMVEE but a more generic name, simply an 4x4 utility vehicle. I have a total of four boxes of these, three of the regular US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle and a fourth one as the Cargo Variant.


Mortal Gods: Zombie Reinforcements

Hard to believe, but the reinforcements for my Army of Hades are ready. The army shown here is the standard game size of 300 points and in given time we will also talk a bit about the composition of the army, since I will, of course, eventually bring the army to 500 points.

Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements

For now, however, 300 points are enough, since I also want to paint my mortal army. When I add mythical troops to it, both factions will grow to the size intended for Mythic.


Miniature swap – travelling wargame box

In 2021 I participated in two travelling wargames trade boxes, and the first one, the "Kramkiste" (stuff box), arrived. A bit lighter than I expected and with the modest trades of the participants before me, I didn't really knew what to expect.


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After the Brexit, right into chaos

Brexit is here, and that seems to be a bit of surprise for some. Who would have guessed, that it would actually happen and even have an impact?

It is february and after some hick-ups and problems between Calais and Dover, for the essential things like food and medical supplies, it has arrived our lovely little hobby. Some of the parcels that were sent last year didn't make it within the pre-brexit time windows and thus were lacking the document for a proper export. And many of the traders couldn't be bothered to supply these post-brexit either, resulting in all kinds of fees, additional costs and delays for the customers.

That caused some discussion, where people exchanged their experience and suggestions on how to avoid these, as you can read the experience of several wargamers on Lead Adventure or Sweetwater. For example paying 30 EUR of fees ontop of a 50-60 EUR package of miniatures. Making it more than just unappealing to order from the UK. Please keep in mind, that the majority of miniatures is produced or at least distributed from the UK. So this is going to hurt the demand of miniatures, or at least consolidate towards those who can supply. I was aware that this could happen, and so I ordered in November Empress Miniatures through a german wholetrader. A couple of emails in the old year, and guess what still hasn't arrived? I won't pay the uppricing and will probably step back from my order - if / when somebody gets in touch with me. But those are the smaller traders and shops. Some even have so ingenious suggestions like "split your orders to below 50 GBP and customs won't bother you" - yeah, that's playing russian roulette with fees and highly unprofessional. Especially from a commercial trader.

Empty Shelf Empty Shelf

As for supply. Some traders didn't receive new stock / novelties this year, even from the larger companies. And if you remember how some of the store shelves looked in spring last year, this might be something that might happen with wargaming as well.

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Necromunda – Wanted / Sale

Looking for these miniatures

Necromunda Wanted List

  • House Orlock - 1 kid, that pose
  • Ratskins - 1 kid, one of those poses, and one ganger, that pose
  • House Van Saar - 1 heavy with plasma, 2 gangers random poses
  • House Goliath - 1 kid (that pose), 4 gangers, preferred these two poses and two randoms
  • House Cawdor - 2 gangers from the shown poses, 1 heavy with grenade launcher
  • House Delaque - 3 gangers from the shown poses
  • House Escher - 1 gangers from the shown poses
  • Redemptionists - 1 ganger, that pose
  • Scavvies - 1 Ganger, that pose, 2 - 4 Plague Zombies
  • Hired Guns - that Beastmaster
  • Pit Slaves - 2 Gangers, those poses, 1 Tech, that pose, 1 Boss, that pose
  • GorkaMorka Mutie - Snaga and Unk body, one pair of legs
  • GorkaMorka DiggaNobs - 2 Gangers, those poses