Blood Bowl – Caledor Dragons Part 2

Well, here we are. I enrolled the High Elves Blood Bowl Team of the Caledor Dragons on the 18 miniatures in 3 month challenge, a project that I painted my Realm of Chaos Beastman warband for back in the day,

Blood Bowl - Caledor Dragons

Between the four team names (Chrace Lions, Ellyrian Stallions, Lothern Sea Serpents and Caledor Dragons) and six different colour schemes, the Caledor Dragons made the cut, with a jersey picking up the theme of the Dragon Princes of Caledor from the Middlehammer era.

Warhammer Fantasy - High Elves Dragon Princes of Caledor Blood Bowl - Caledor Dragons Variant D


June 2024 review

A slightly postponed recap of June. While I was able to write up our visit to FeenCon at beginning of this month, a prolonged family weekend followed up by a few days of the flu changed my schedule.

First things first - the Horus Heresy audiobooks are back on spotify, and while that was in clarification between the license holders, I went to Bookbeat, as they have the audiobooks as well- by the way if you use the code "60tgratis" when you register, you get two months for free not just one. I'm currently listening to Betrayer, where the Word Bearers and World Eaters fight alongisde, attacking the realm of Ultramar, more precisely Armatura.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Betrayer Audiobook


FeenCon 2024

Last weekend Dino and I went to the FeenCon, a convention hosted in Bonn, which went through a couple of changes over the last few years - one of them moving from the old location of Bonn Bad Godesberg towards Bonn Beuel, from the town hall to the comprehensive school.

And across the venue, the tabletop area was the smaller gymnasium, with the trade stands and board games and pen & paper in the other areas.

FeenCon 2024

The tabletop area was hosted by three clubs, Bedburger Tabletop Freunde, Privateer Poza Boyz and the Tabletop Community Bonn. You might know the Bedburger Tabletop Freunde from our visit to their club house.


Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 20 to 25

Last Saturday, on June 15th, the 5th shipment of German Stormbringer by Hachette arrived, covering the next batch of six issues, numbers 20 to 25, including the subscription bonus.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 20 to 25 Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 20 to 25

Shipment number three (issues 8 to 13) and four (issues 14 to 19) cover six issues each, and this will continue until the end of the run. You can find an overview on the issues so far over here, along with unboxings of the former shipments.


Age of Sigmar – Kruleboyz Man-Skewer Boltboyz

From our last shipment of Stormbringer (4th package, with issues 14 to 19), we received another batch of Stormcast Eternals and Kruleboyz miniatures, and among these are the Man-Skewer Boltboyz, that I would like to add to my Warcry Kruleboyz warband. But I didn't just want to build them, so I thought, why not share these in a review of them own.

They were part of Stormbringer issue #14, in this case the German run by Hachette.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Issue 14 Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Issue 14 - Kruleboyz Man-Skewer Boltboyz

Please note, these are the multipart Kruleboyz Man-Skewer Boltboyz, regularly available through Games Workshop at a RRP of 34 GBP or 44 EUR, which gives us a saving of 75% if we get them through Stormbringer. And further note - these are not the push-fit models from the older Age of Sigmar Dominion starter set, giving you much more details and bits to work with, but more on that further below.


Legions Imperialis – Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans

A novelty for the Legions Imperialis, and not just a repack of a former Adeptus Titanicus or Aeronautica Imperialis boxed set, is the double pack of Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans. These are formerly only available as single resin kits by Forge World (we've covered them here as well - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan with Neutron-Laser and Volcano Cannon), and with them moving over into plastic, we even got new weapon options.

Legions Imperialis - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans Legions Imperialis - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titans

This new plastic kit, is available as a double pack from Games Workshop at 62,50 EUR, which makes them a bit cheaper than the resin variant which were 44 EURs each. On top of that, the weapons not only cover the Neutron-Laser and Volcano Cannon, but received a third option, the Conversion Beam Dissipator.


Road to CONflict – Part V

In the last step, we assembled the tanks for our demo table, and are now about to paint five armoured vehicles for our game of tank battles and the Road to CONflict.

Road to CONflict - Part III

Obviously we start with a primer, and as usual black coat with a with dusting on top. Makes it much easier to see details during painting and the white colour is a bit more coarse, giving you a better grip for your paints.


Star Wars Legion – Crashed Escape Pod

After the crashed X-Wing, we cover the next crashed terrain from the Star Wars Legion Battlefield Expansion SWL 43 - the Crashed Escape Pod.

Star Wars Legions - Battlfield Expansion Crashed Escape Pod Star Wars Legions - Battlfield Expansion Crashed Escape Pod

And this is just not any battlefield expansion, but included R2-D2 and C-3PO  as well, as it recreates their use of the escope pod to smuggle the Death Star plans off the Tantive IV, while crashing upon Tatooine in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.


Road to CONflict – Part IV

Well, we already printed some items for the stowage of the tanks in the last part of Road to CONflict, and this time we're going for a bit of terrain, scatter terrain and markers to be precisely, and we got ourself some STL files on MyMinifactory from ImitationofLife.

Road to CONflict - Part IV Road to CONflict - Part IV

We printed up about half a dozend medium sized scatter and a lot of mines to cover a flexibel area, close parts of the table or create zones to guide the flow of the game, without being fixed to a terrain module in the future. In detail I used the following files:


Road to CONflict – Part III

The tanks for Road to CONflict were built, all Warlord Games tank kits, 4 Shermans (one of which was a Firefly) and a Hellcat (this is the Italeri model produced for Warlord Games).

Road to CONflict - Part II

Next up would be to modify these tanks and add lots and lots of bits and pieces to them, to make them fit the post-apocalyptic setting. I used various regular plastic and metal bits, as well as 3d printed items. I will link the 3d printed items below, a great source was Imitation of Life, who offers a lot of items that are Fallout and Necromunda themed, so a great addition for this project.