Mellerud, Bases and Accessoires

Out of the Conquest Games Norman Infantry (review is in the making) box i built the not mounted part of my Norman warband for SAGA.

Conquest Games - Normans

And i put a batch of 2nd hande miniatures into jars full of Mellerud. After a few days of soaking in, they will be stripped of their paint.

Mellerud Stripping

As a new helper in my painting area, i bought a painting stand from Tamiya. I tried buying it at our local model work store, but due to the massive lack of service, i bought it online. 19 Euro for the set of 2 stands (one with a turntable and one with a clip) is a good price.

Tamiya Lackierstaender

A wholesaler is discontinuing their scibor stock, so i used the chance to stock on some bases and scenery things. Beside that i wanted to restock on sci-fi bases and bought some Micro Art Bases along with that. The 20mm city bases are meant for a dwarf warband. Pictures to follow.

Scibor Micro Art Studio

Have a great weekend!

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  1. schön schön. da sind sie ja schon die normannen! 🙂 coole sache, freu mich schon aufs review…

    mh. willst du auch verraten, um welchen großhändler es sich handelt? eine schnelle google-suche brachte kein glück…

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