Leviathan Crusader

Almost 6 hours and more than 200 pictures later, the review on the Leviathan Crusader from Dreamforge Games is done. It will take a few days until all the images are edited and the text is written, but i don't want you to wait that long and want to show you some pictures ahead of the review.

Dreamforge Games - Leviathan Crusader

Until now the biggest kits that i built were the superheavy tanks from Games Workshop and the Warmachie Colossals. The Leviathan is way bigger than that. Not only is he almost twice the height of the Galleon, but he is large is enough to be used as a Grey Knight Dreadknight in 54mm Inquisitor games. The volcano cannon itself is longer than a rhino.

Dreamforge Games - Leviathan Crusader Dreamforge Games - Leviathan Crusader Dreamforge Games - Leviathan Crusader

It was great fun to build the kit and i am really impressed by the quality. Who doesn't want to wait until the final review - clear conclusion: Buy it!

I am going to take break now, as it was fun, but exhausting (i can't just build along, i have to take pictures and notes along to document the progress), so have a nice evening and a nice week.

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  1. Thank you for the great review! I agree, its a fun kit 😉 Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

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