Rowdd 2013, Pegasus Bridge and SAGA

Last Weekend I was in Thuringia, at Radaddels Wide Open Door Day. It was a fun weekend, again tabletop loaded. But this time not only as a customer / visitor. I held a seminar on the status quo of wargaming in Germany, and helped out Mantic and Warlord Games doing an Q&A. And i did some shopping, i stocked up on Freebooters Fate.

Freebooters Fate

In preparation of the Rowdd i started building the Pegasus Bridge for Bolt Action. From that big pile of mdf, that took ages to prepare from the sprues and clean up, to the major parts like the moving bridge it took me a sunday afternoon and 2 evenings to build everything. Pew, but i am happy i pulled through.

Bolt Action - Pegasus Bridge Bolt Action - Pegasus Bridge Bolt Action - Pegasus Bridge

And finally some missing blisters arrived to complete the base for a Roman SAGA Project. I'll use these caesarian romans with the scottish army list and build a SAGA Warband. Using Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus as Warlords.

Caesarian Roman SAGA Caesarian Roman SAGA

Weekend will once again be devoted to miniatures, a bit of painting and quite some reviewing once again. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. “Status Quo des Tabletops in Deutschland”?
    Wie steht es denn so um unser liebstes Hobby?

  2. 30 Minuten in ein paar Sätzen zusammenzufassen, ist schwierig. Muss man das nächste Mal einfach dabei sein 😉

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