Christmas stocking

A whole month since the last update. Why is that so and what has been done in the meantime?

First of all, Khadorians, getting them done for Tabletop Insider. Its pain(t) in progress, but i got a bit further. Have to say, i have chosen poorly and would have been better of with the Minions like Crocs etc. as the miniatures are newer, have more detail and structure, would be more fun to paint.

Khador - Pain(t) in Progress

Main reason for the break was a business trip to Singapore and the preparation for it. Have to say, it was quite interesting, a lot of new impressions and a high contrast country.

Singapore Singapore

Singapore Singapore Singapore

During my time abroad and the last update there was some new arrivals at the Chaosbunker. First of all, a big upgrade to the motor pool. Expect some interesting reviews.

Christmas Stocking

The whole thing goes across the board, from World War II 15 and 28mm, Deadzone Kickstarter, and even some terrain. What is that all for? Well, we are currently preparing our presence at the LotR Scenario 2014 in Bad Kreuznach. And some of these goodies will be coming with me, for fellow hobbyists and visitors to touch and see.

Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking

But what makes the difference between these "oh shiny new stuff" update and the others? I have a longer vacation coming from next friday up to the mid of january. So a lot of free time i plan on spending on some Wargaming (and hopefully not only World of Tanks 😉 ).

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