Easter, Short Holidays and Events

Easter is coming, and i have a short break from work for a couple of days. I started painting the Imperial Knight, as a Freeblade. I did a review on this kit, the Imperial Knight, and while painting it I am still bummed out about the Decal "fraud".

I kept most of the parts unglued, for easier painting. All parts were primed Black, and the armour parts were given a nice primer with Bolt Action German Fieldgrey, a very greenish grey. The metal parts got heavily drybrushed with metal from AP, but will get another go to really bring out the shiny color. As a contrast to the green, i choosed a bronze /brown-gold color for the armour trims. I'll keep working on this model in the next few days.

Freeblade - Paint in Progress Freeblade - Paint in Progress Freeblade - Paint in Progress

What else am i going to do with my freetime? Well, first of all relaxing. Then binge watching House of Cards, building some kits that i have around, sorting out some miniatures (to see what to keep and what to sell) and expanding the fictional fluff on some of my army projects.

And we finally have some dates for the upcoming events this year. A couple of those, that you can be sure to find me at;

Dice & Bayonets Con in Speyer (Germany) on 24th May 2014

Warlord Games Day in Nottingham (UK) on 26th July 2014

The Worlds in Koblenz (Germany) on 15th - 17th August 2014

Crisis in Antwerp (Belgium) on 1st November 2014

Partisan Con (Germany) on 23rd November 2014

I am preparing a bigger project, that will be announced in a couple of weeks 🙂

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