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So while watching a couple of movies (The magnificent seven and An honest liar) along with binge watching the 2nd season Bojack Horseman on netflix a few weeks ago, i continued working on the Spartan Scenics.

Spartan Scenics

And the frustration continues, beside the still and ongoing blurry instructions, there are parts that differ from eachother. That wouldn't be a problem, unless there was somekind of information why they are different or where there are going to be build.

Spartan Scenics

But why all the trouble with the terrain? I want to be able to produce some more story telling, from the miniatures point of view. All the Necromunda / Inq28 miniatures are not only to be used to play games, but to tell a story. I really like the way Talarion did it, with his tallarns, and it gives you a good idea, where i want to go with this.

Along with painted miniatures (i am working on that), the right terrain is the key to success. Along with some image editing, i am certain that i'll get somewhere. A first, rough mock up, of where i want to go can be seen below.

Scene Mock Up

In the mean time, to make space for other projects, i gathered the lots of spartan MDF and store them in the large IKEA boxes. A sturdy and stackable storing solution. I try to get the contents for a solid 4' by 4' table inside a single box.

Spartan Scenics

Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment if you like this blog!

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  1. Your blissful creativity is equally inspiring my dear friend and very inspiring, can i share it?

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