Bases for Frostgrave

I was browsing around for matching Bases for the Frostgrave project for a while now, and after looking at a lot of cobblestone bases but not finding the right for me, i stumbled upon Greenstuffworlds textured rolling pins.

Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll

The textured pins are 12 Euro each with a small shipping charge of 3 Euros from Spain. They have sets with other textures, hexagons, copplestone, planks etc., i went with bricks. The results direct from the pin are like seen above.

That was to clean for me, so I took a sheet of aluminium foil and formed a ball to give the grey stuff more texture. You can see the difference in the third picture, left plain from the roll, right with the added texture from the aluminium ball. I gave the bases a dark wash to make the difference more noticeable.

Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll

As i have two warbands and some stray monsters to prepare, i gathered up a few bases and mixed up some grey stuff. I went with the lipped bases from Warlord Games, as they give the grey stuff a bit more hold to the sides. The 40mm bases are for the monsters. Remember to wet your tools and fingers when you work with modelling material, like green or grey stuff. It prevents it from sticking to the tools.

Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll

I ended up with two dozend of 25mm bases and a few 40mm bases. I let them settle for 24 hours and when it hardens, i clean up the edges with a sharp blade and a file. With some bases, i left edges empty, that i will fill with sand and rubble.

Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll Greenstuffworld - Brick Roll

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