Crisis 2015 yield!

I am back! From a whole weekend in Antwerp, spend the time beside the show discovering the city (more on that later). It was the 20th Crisis, hosted by the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp, and i'll begin with my yield from the show.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

Once again, the show was superbly planned and executed, Chapeau! to the hosts. The goodie bag that is included in the 10 Euro ticket, is quite full. I got two sprues (in my case Bolt Action Japanese and Conquest Games archers, others got Antares or other historic setting), the crisis gazette, a acrylic ruler, a key chain and the event miniature. You could buy the anniversary button for 3 Euro and a special chalice with either blonde or dark beer for 4,80 Euro, which i decided to buy both to support the hosts. This years miniature was once again sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks and showed Jean-Baptiste Decoster (the miniature could be a nice Ebenezer Scrooge 😀 ), the reluctant guide at Waterloo.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

Along with the new Giants in Miniature releases, that i bought at Wargames Illustrated (and got a nice bonus Simon de Montfort as a subscriber), the event miniature landed in my box of limited treasures.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

I preordered a set of resin treasures by Ristuls Market at Annie, the Dice Bag Laddy, and got the new bases made by Elmar from Stronghold Terrain for Heer46. At Fantasy Warehouse i got the Rubicon novelties and additional Opel Blitz, as the stock at Spiel was sold off quickly. And at Crooked Dice i informed myself about the new 7TV dicestarter and got the Danger 5 Starter Cast for 7TV.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

A must visit for me at Crisis is Games n Stuff, a dutch trader. When they make sales, oh boy, they make sales. Orange Dot means 2 Euro per Blister, buy 5 get the 6th free. All you see on the picture below cost me 25 Bucks. Got myself a decent couple of Diskworld Miniatures, a few sci-fi Packs and these Wolsung Orcs that would make a good set of Mage and Apprentice.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

If you ever wondered, how the Perry Miniatures were stored and delivered, sometimes in Blisters and sometimes in these small black and grey boxes.

Crisis 2015

I got myself a few german passangers for the Opel Blitz and other vehicles of the Afrikakorps. And two vignettes, General Gordon's Last Stand inspired by the painting of George W . Joy, and a Napoleonic scene from Waterloo. Last but not least, i got reinforcement for the Crusaders, adding another 4 points to the warband.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

What a weekend, stay with me in the next days for the further coverage, while i rest and enjoy a nice sunday evening.

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  1. Joa, meine Beute gibt es ab Dienstag bei uns auf der HP zu sehen. Meine sieht ganz anders aus als deine, was aber auch nur wieder unterstreicht, wie vielseitig diese Veranstaltung ist. Wirklich ein Termin, den ich nicht verpassen will. 🙂

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