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Continuing with the introduction of my pinterest board, this time it is about dioramas and lovely terrain. Once again a set of 3, starting with the League of Augsburg.

The League of Augsburg, home of Warfare Miniatures, has an active blog, that covers a lot of different posts around the 16th and 17th hundreds. Among them an interesting series about building the Derrys Walls, including some amazing reference pictures.

You can find the build, from part 1 to currently part 7 over here.

League of Augsburg League of Augsburg League of Augsburg


This impressive terrain and dioramas page is hosted by Colin Patten, who is the history maker. He and his family builds large sets of dioramas, for exhibits and museums, and as such is more than just an inspiration for wargamers. But those images speak more than 1.000 words, so see for yourselfs.

History Maker History Maker History Maker


The Perrys are busy people. Supporting Peter Jackson in his World War One museum with a huge diorama of a battle between the ANZAC and Turks, releasing an ACW starter box and now covering an Agincourt diorama at the Tower of London. This diorama is a cooperation with David Marshall, who wrote this article for the Royal Armouries. If you want to see more, follow the link or pay the Tower a visit between until the 31 January. Octobers Issue of Wargames Illustrated does even more coverage on this beautiful piece.

Agincourt 600th anniversary Agincourt 600th anniversary Agincourt 600th anniversary

That's it for today, another 3 picks will follow soon. Feel free to share some of the interesting projects and blogs you've found online, come by again soon and leave a comment or give me a like on Facebook if you like this blog!

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