German Wars – Part II

First of all, thanks for the feedback on the first part of wars with german participation.

This section covers the conflicts and wars between 1792 and 1871, beginning with the Napoleonic Wars / War of the First Coalition. Most of these battles cover primary the participation of the Prussian Army.


Once again a short disclaimer and reminder, I am not an expert on that field nor is this going to be complete or 100% accurate, it is just a list to sow an idea or two for the tempted german or teutophile wargamer.

As this is about history, you can get a lot of information for free on the internet on pages like Wikipedia or libraries. On top of that, you'll surely find quite a lot of sources and books, for example Ospreys on different of these topics. Please note that some of these have different names or titles, depending if you're looking from an euro-centric or anglo-(american)-centric point of view.

Modern History

War of the First Coalition (1792-1797)
Napoleonic Wars
First Schleswig War
Second Schleswig War
Austro-Prussian War
Franco-Prussian War

There will be two more articles, covering the modern conflicts 1900+, and another one trying to cover those before 1500.

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