Painting War: Spanish Civil War

A brief nod towards this spanish artist. Heresy Brush, of whom i am a regular reader, is publishing another PaintingWAR book, this time about the Spanish Civil War.

Painting War - Spanish Civil War

Once again I am pretty happy to announce a new book: PaintingWAR: Spanish Civil War. Thanks to the Editor, Quino, and the co-workers (Rafa, Pepe, Nacho and so on) for this new oportunity. If you don't know the line of books PaintingWAR from Proyecto Cruz, you are missing a very nice source of information. There are foor published books so far, every one focused on an army and war time (WWII and Napolonic Wars at the moment). I have the honor to sign the fifth book of the series, centred on the Spanish Civil War, and covering both the Nationalist and Republican armies.

Painting War - Spanish Civil War Painting War - Spanish Civil War

If you want to get a feel, beside the picture above, what you can expect, there is a YouTube channel with video tutorials. And lots of other free guides over here; Heresy Brush Guides. The content is mixed 15 and 28mm scale.

The book is already available in spanish for 18 Euro, and will be released in english as well for around 20 Euro. I am really looking forward to that book, as in combination with the Osprey books about it, should be a solid base for my project.

Osprey - Men at Arms Spanish Civil War

If you are looking for further content about the Spanish Civil War, take a look at Analogue Hobbies, who i introduced in an older Pinterest Post.

Link: Heresy Brush

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