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The World of Urban War has a comeback. After a Skirmish with Urban War, and the larger Metropolis, with Age of Tyrants it is about 6mm mass combat.

Myriad Miniatures is in charge of this project, has gathered some well known names around them and got Prodos in for the resin casting, who also support for example Freebooter Miniatures with their Ogre, Armoured Syndicate and others.

Age of Tyrants - Samples

One of the kits is a Junkers Venator. A large boxy tank, with a huge dozer blade and trench rails. There are some minor imperfections with the casts, small air intakes in the back of the tank and a minor offset, that can cleaned with a knife. I would prefer the casting vents on the underside instead of the back, but due to technicality that is not possible.

Age of Tyrants - Junker Venator Age of Tyrants - Junker Venator

The trench rails are glued to the back. Just flat to the rear, without specific guides. The dozer blade has small hollows for assembly. Both parts are easily build. The turret is just put on top after cleaning the cast on the bottom.

Age of Tyrants - Junker Venator Age of Tyrants - Junker Venator

The other vehicle from the samples is a Viridian Dire Wolf.

Age of Tyrants - Viridian Dire Wolf

It is kept in 4 parts, a hull, a turret and two tiny bits for the turret. In theory you could put the small parts in the slots in the turret. But i needed to drill them, for a secure fit. Again cleaning the bottom of the turret and hull, you can just put them together.

Age of Tyrants - Viridian Dire Wolf Age of Tyrants - Viridian Dire Wolf Age of Tyrants - Viridian Dire Wolf

The final build looks like this, and a comparison with a 15mm / 1:100 T-34. If you keep in mind, that 6mm is roughly 1:300, you get a feel how large these tanks are meant to be.

Age of Tyrants - Samples Age of Tyrants - Samples

It is an ambitious goal, after Urban War tried it a couple times on the wargaming market. Sci-Fi is a hard market and the systems for mass combats have grown in the last years.

The design of the tanks polarizes, not everybody may be appealed by the round Viridian forms or the boxy Junker design. But the later maybe something for the old Epic fans, as there is a high similarity to the super heavy capitol tanks. The design of Urban War is distinctive, and i am looking forward to see how the reboot / update comes along, as the original design has come to age a bit.

Casting is solid, with minor things that could be done better, but nothing to really argue about. No info on the pricing yet, but we can expect a Kickstarter in early 2016 to get it started.

Link: Age of Tyrants

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