Painting get together

A good friend of mine got himself a great deal on Mantics Mars Attacks at a local gaming store. He's a board gamer and found himself now in possession of miniatures, and asked me if i could help him getting started. So what's better than have a painting get together?

Said and done, spread out a piece of cloth and open up some drinks. Ready to go.

Malkränzchen Malkränzchen

As we talk about licensed games by Mantic, i am really looking forward to The Walking Dead! The first look is great, and the undead are certainly something Mantic does a proper job with.

After explaining the basics, about cleaning mold lines, preparing for priming and the actual priming, it was time to get painting. He used an older Army Painter starterset and started painting. And was soon caught in a positive feedback loop! 😀
Meanwhile we hit up the blu-ray player and later on netflix, to enjoy Kelly's Heroes (T34-Tigers, Oh boy), The ridiculous 6 (the entire movie ... Oh boy ...) and the mind of a chef. Certainly colourful.

I helped him a bit on the first steps and later on grabbed my own open projects, like the spanish crusaders. Further paint on those perry miniatures. Giving the chainmal a black undercoat really is time consuming. Next time i might add a drop of dish soap into that paint, to make it flow easier into the recessess.

SAGA - Spanish Crusaders Warriors SAGA - Spanish Crusaders Crossbows SAGA - Spanish Crusaders Warriors

Further more i used the afternoon to enlarge the german grenadiers. I ordered a couple of single sprues, from which i want to build a few HQ and crew members, that match the style of the late war grenadiers.

Bolt Action - German Grenadiers

Beside that, i had the chance to catch up on some tv-series on my last vacation weekend. I could end the last few episodes of "The Man in the High Castle". It does get better towards the end of the first series, but has so many glitches in it. In a production, that costs so much, why don't they get a linguist or at least native speaker, to help them with the languages. And beside that, the casting. A dane, who plays german playing a swedish, with that broad accent? Hitler played by a swiss, is so irritating. Heydrichs german was a fiasco (My toenails curled when he asked "Your children. Sprechen sie schon deutsch?"). Might be better, to watch it entirely in german, dubbed by german actors.

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