Fallschirmjäger, Wintergear and captured vehicles

I'm currently in full Bolt Action mode. The winter gear germans arrived and i'll cover them in an article on their own, with a bit of unboxing and reviewing. And the recently released plastic Fallschirmjäger will get some love too. But to be honest, it wasn't hard to come up with some love for those, as the kit itself is amazing and i had a lot of fun building them.

Bolt Action - Winter Germans Bolt Action - Fallschirmjäger

Then there are a few (captured) vehicles for my germans as well. Do you recognize them? As resin kit, they got a proper cleaning beforehand.

Bolt Action - Tanks cleaned

I finished the Airfix box and the Messerschmitt is now assembled alongside the Spitfire. Messerschmitt was a similar build to the Spitfire, you feel the age, a few gaps here and there, but after all okay-ish - at least good enough as terrain.

Airfix - Messerschmitt + Spitfire

With the winter gear, Warlord Games started a new line of terrain box sets, beginning with - you guessed it right - Winter. Got myself one over at Radaddel. Have to say, i expected the resin foxholes to be bigger, and not just barely big enough for 3 miniatures on 25mm to be snuggling on there.

Warlord Games - Winter Terrain Set

That's it so far. I am currently preparing my easter vacation and a medium sized sale from my miniature "stock", beginning at Bitbox and continuing later on in the boards / facebook groups. So keep an eye out on that.

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