Terrain and Star Wars

Aquarium deco pieces are useful if you're looking for something special as a terrain piece. So this buddha statue would be a nice addition for a jungle scenario, like burma, and at 13 Euro quite cheap. So i added a picture with a 28mm miniature, to show the incredible size of that - prepainted - piece.

Buddha Terrain Buddha Terrain

And adding to it, i was looking for some kits to be used in an airfield raid (like Operation Albumen, find more information on it in this Osprey book). Usually i am with the 1:56 scale on all kinds of vehicles, but as these are aircraft and such they don't show that they are a bit larger with their 1:48 scale. Beside that, try to find 1:56 scale aircrafts...

Airfix - A50014 Dogfight Doubles

So i looked across the broad range of 1:48 aircrafts, and stumbled upon an airfix that bundles a german and a british fighter - even covering some that were used in north africa. While building the kit, i saw that it is quite old - from 1979 (!). Assembly was easy, but the fit wasn't the best and some serious gaps. Never the less, it is primary a piece of terrain and this is going to work for me.

Airfix - Spitfire MkVb Airfix - Spitfire MkVb

Thankfully airfix did some new tooling and updated the Dogfight doubles box with a new combo of Spitfire and Messerschmitt. Going to look into that one next, as i want to have 3 axis and 3 allied fighters, to be used on airfields as well as on flying stands (have to do a research on them, what would be best).

Airfix - A50160 Dogfight Doubles

If you have any links or images on the paintjobs on these, feel free to forward them to me. As well as suggestions, what would be a good neutral scheme to be used in western europe as well as north africa, for both sides.

Oh and as i really, really like Star Wars and unnecessary stuff to put on my desk at home and work, i became aware of Disney Infinity. I already have a Ironman Hulkbuster as well as Darth Vader and was originally looking for a Black Series 6 Inch Boba Fett, and as those are next to insanely priced (80 Bucks upwards) i went - once again - with Infinity's version of it - here you go. Never the less, i really dig the Black Series and the new first order Stormtroopers are incredibly awesome, i got myself a Black Series 6 Inch of them. Got it second hand on ebay, for way less than the 40 Euros they usually are sold.

Infinity 3.0 - Boba Fett Black Series First Order Stormtrooper Black Series First Order Stormtrooper

That's it for now. Broad range of topic, looking for a broad range of feedback 😉 Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment or give me a like on Facebook if you like this blog!

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