Starting a Genestealer Cult

I'm quite amazed by the recent release of the Genestealer Cult. Games Workshop seems to do a lot of interesting and well meant things currently. Horus Heresy in plastic, first look at Adeptus Custodes in plastic as well, and then these Rogue Trader flashback in form of the genestealer cult.

I was already hooked when they released Deathwatch Overkill, and I managed to acquire the part of the genestealer cult for a small dime.

Inq28 / Necromunda - Genestealer Cult

As I did some hybrids a long time ago, based upon the ghouls from the Warhammer undead range. With a bit of green stuff to cover up the joints and prolong the head, they are quite useful.

MSC_SymbHybrid1 MSC_SymbHybrid2 MSC_SymbHybrid1ClrWip

But get to the new releases. Not planning on (re)starting 40k, but these very characterful miniatures were just to shiny to pass. So I sorted a few of them out, that could be used in Necromunda / Inq28. So let's start in the upper left, you need a proper leader for a crew like this, what would be better than a Magus. As heavy muscle two aberrants carrying mining equipment.  3rd & 4th generation hybrids are the core, three with auto rifles, one with grenade launcher and for fire support a mining laser, two bulk it up three 1st and 2nd generation hybrid for close combat.

The bodies of the 3rd and 4th gen hybrids are pretty sweet, and I can see them be used for a lot of necromunda / inq conversions, they'd make good Van Saar among others. As you can see from the second picture, those bodies lack any distinctive genestealer iconography.

Inq28 / Necromunda - Genestealer Cult Inq28 / Necromunda - Genestealer Cult

Still looking for a proper idea to convert the genestealer cult primus. Not that keen about the rather flat look, and the needle gun looks a bit to fragile for my taste. Maybe I need the neophite hybrid box to gear up on bits and go for a more dynamic and bolder look.

Grabbed the Tyranid codices to gather some ideas for a paint job that would work with this small genestealer cult.

Inq28 / Necromunda - Genestealer Cult

I've found this amazing paintjob by Darren "Razza" Latham, he posted it on his twitter feed as well. And best part about this, Darren is the one who sculpted this great miniatures for Games Workshop.

Darren Latham - Genestealer Cultists

I dig the orange mining suites, as it is a high contrast to the regular purple paint job. I think the pale skin, orange of the cloth and dark purple is a good looking combination. Unsure how this works with the magus.

Well, that's it so far from me this sunday. Have a great remaining weekend!



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  1. first off: I really enjoy reading your blog! 😀 thanks for that!

    having never played necromunda, but being exposed to you mentioning =I=munda here often, I wanted to finally ask: what exactly is that? Where can I find the rules? where some background material? 🙂


  2. You can find the rules here;

    Otherwise you can play Inquisitor in 28mm by just converting the distances from Inch to cm.

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