Blood Bowl – Skycastle Titans Part 2

A guest article by Daniel / DinoTitanEdition on his Blood Bowl Underworld Team, the Skycastle Titans.

"Oye ... what is dat?"
"Dunno coach, da troll wanted to eat da little gobbo there and did`t let go."
"Da git is quite big .... O.K. Place our most delicious player near the middleline. We gon’ keepz da troll. "

At the Skycastle Titans' last team presentation (read it HERE), you've probably noticed that some of the team’s players have been missing yet. It`s about time for an update.

In order to maintain motivation when painting a team, it usually makes sense to start with the rather expendable players to reward yourself with the more interesting models. Accordingly, I painted the linerat as the first of the last four psychos…er…players. I chose a helmeted head from a few regiment lefovers of the Skaven and gave the rat an additional shoulder padding, which rounded off the Blood Bowl look nicely.

The troll, on the other hand, was one of the more elaborate conversions - for many years this classic model was languishing in a box, half painted but never finished. Partly out of pity, partly out of a strange fascination to overhaul old models, I stripped it from color and stuck all sorts of plastic parts to it. Retrospectively it occurred to me that he looked a bit like Flavor Flav, a well-known rapper from the 80s.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

Next up I painted one of the two storm rats. These models were easy to convert and are very similar to the current Blood Bowl Stormvermin. It was nice that the rat tails turned out to be shorter than those of the models from the sportier version. However, the poses remained somewhat monotonous with the usual "Come and get some" posture.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

Next to each other, the difference in size of the models made itself noticeable, which effectively captures the punch they pack of the corresponding positions on the field.

Blood Bowl - Skycastle Titans

The last remaining model yet to be painted is the storm rat with a mutated arm, so stay tuned for the finale!

Best regards from the Chaosbunker


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