Dead Man’s Hand: Outlaws – Part 6

Another Wild West Wednesday casts its shadow and with the redskin shown here, only one member remains in Killer McMiller's gang of outlaws.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Snake

I've painted a Northern Union uniform for the first timewith this model, and the overall look of the model already urged to use this color combination. The pants were an experiment in this respect and I used Sombre Grey from Vallejo Game Color as the base color.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Snake 

The jacket got a base layer of Necron Abyss, which is a very, very dark blue. With the other colors I already had practice, as I had tested them on the other models and had developed a certain routine. The tricky part were on the sleeves of the jacket, because I wanted them to show the appropriate troop markings. Since I had no idea which badges would make sense, I discovered uniforms and the rank insignia of a northern Corporal after a short Google search, which were attached in a very bright turquoise.

Dead Mans Hand - Outlaws Snake

The best thing to do is roughly paint the shape here and then highlight it. Afterwards you can make corrections with the original color and draw some sharp lines around the symbol and give it the proper shape.

And as always, there is a small story at the end of this little article that blends in with the background of the other characters.

Supple as a snake

Snake in the grass slowly trotted forward on his horse onto his hideout. Snake in the grass. His tribe had given him that name long ago, when he had betrayed them at a young age to the settlers of Dead Man's hand, who in return rewarded him with a handsome sum and a spot in the army. Although he had accepted this, he already knew back then that the fort of Dead Man's hand was occupied by impostors. Ensuring his silence, he had squeezed out a hundred dollars from them, which were added to the city council's hundred for giving out his tribe. He had learned to play groups of different interests against each other and to stick the knife in their back at the right moment. That might not be an honorable way, but it made sure his stomach was filled and his hide remained unharmed.

So far he had met only one man who was as cunning as himself. Weasel had told him about the upcoming weapons deal and he had offered a group of six marauding Indians from another tribe to split the loot if they would help him steal the rifles from the fort. By now he had aquired thos rifles for a while already. When he had returned to the fort with the six warriors for the last load, he had sounded the alarm and the army had shut them down in an instant. This way he got rid of his fellow kin.

But instead of bringing the rifles, that were safely lashed to the back of some horses, back to Weasel, he had told him that they were gone as the horses fled and he had not managed to catch them by himself. He wanted to sell these in Nogales to Mr. Tanner, a wealthy rancher who made many deals with the Mexicans on the border. But he had made a mistake and offered it for the usual price of two hundred dollars. His greed hadn`t paid off this time, for Weasel had offered them for half and undercut his anonymous bid to Mr. Tanner.

Now he had to fix things and secretly settle down to Nogales to find a new buyer. But first it was time to make sure McMiller and Tanner wiped each other out. It was like always. Two groups of different interests and in the end, only the snake in the grass would be left with something in his hands.

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