Last Weekend Loot for O(r)ctober

It was a buzy weekend for the postman. During the week and on saturday a couple of smaller packages arrived, but I just had the time today to actually take a closer look on them. Was a bit buzy myself with the last touches on the Speed Freeks review and Saturdays visit to Spiel in Essen.

Games Workshop - 500th Store Space Marine Lieutenant

I picked up the special event 500th Warhammer Store Opening Space Marine at my local Warhammer store (Carlos will have the 3 month birthday party with a couple of specials). In case you are interested in one of these yourself, drop me a mail, there are still a couple on the shelf at the store. And I got myself two of the new yellow paints, to get my Blood Bowl Halflings done.

Spiel 2018 Loot

My haul from Spiel is quite simple, I got a mug at the Black Library booth. They were 6 EUR and that's a great deal. I took a look at Reich Busters by Mythic and was amazed by the Wolfenstein-like Design of the Germans. Why can't Konflikt '47 have more of that look? Would make it a quite more appealing system. Well, on November 20th there will be a kickstarter. Couple of pledges, the usual 100 Bucks starter and 200 Bucks all-in- pledge. But more on that later.

Warlord Games - Black Powder 2

And then there was the first out of two packages from the UK. It's from Warlord Games and brought me the new and second edition of Black Powder, of course including the pre-order miniature. Really looking forward to dig my nose into this book.

SaluteMiniatures 2003 + 2004

The second one was a combined package, a good friend brought with him, as I had it send to him within the UK. I managed to get my hands on two of the Salute event miniatures, that I didn't own. 2003's Richard the Lionheart and 2004's Hannibal, Scourge of Rome. Currently I'm missing 2005, 2006 and 2011. If you have them, and want to part with them, please get in touch with me.

Blood Bowl - Lowdown Rats Blood Bowl - Goblin Starplayers Blood Bowl - Orcland Raiders

The second part of the secone package were the classic Goblins from the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl, the Lowdown Rats. I am incredibly happy about them, as I managed to get them at a reasonable rate and even all five different poses. As I already have the four Goblin star players and Ripper Bolgrot, the Goblin team is complete as it is. As I do own the Orcland Raiders Team from the same edition, I'm not sure if I want to paint them as one big team, with a second / amateur line up of Goblins or make two independent teams out of them.

That's it so far, have a great start into the week. Enjoy Halloween and the other holidays coming up this week.

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