Spiel 2018 Preview

This Thursday, the October 25th, Spiel starts again. It is the largest board game con in Europe. You can download the Spiel Guide for the show here for free.

Spiel 2018

It's been 3 years since the last time I've been there, and I've covered it on here, Spiel 2015 Part I, Part II and Part III.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Micro Art Studio

So, what am I looking for? We have the big three there, Games Workshop, Warlord Games and Mantic Games.

Games Workshop will be there (Hall 6 Booth D106), and they will bring Forge World and Black Library with them. So among other things, the chance for the show exclusive products from Forge World. As for the main product range, I expect Speedfreeks and Orktober. As the Spiel is a board game convention, they might have their boxed sets with them and maybe even things like Blitz Bowl and such. But that is just my speculation at this point. If you're already in the mood for orky races, drop by Devir in Hall 2 D118 and play test Gretchinz!

Warlord Games (Hall 6 Booth F103) is going to present the sister game to Blood Red Skies, Cruel Sea, a naval wargame. Expect a lot of the new Black Powder edition and of course some teasers to the next supplement for Bolt Action, Battle of France.

With Mantic Games (Hall 6 Booth G114), they have their own creations, like the new Kings of War Vanguard, and a couple of licensed games. Like The Walking Dead and maybe already a bit more on Hellboy.

I want to drop by (Hall 6 G106) to see, if they have some interesting mats to support my upcoming coverage on Blood Red Skies and Cruel Sea.

At Warfactory (Hall 6 H105), a Polish company that distributes Dust in Europe now, I'm eager to pick up some patches and maybe Babylon terrain for Konflikt '47 and the North African Desert. They will have some previews for the end of the year novelties and special deals for the starter sets of the Japanese and Desert Scorpions.

Gale Force 9 and Battlefront share a booth (Hall 2 D138). GF9 has a lot of miniature board games, so expect for example Dune, Tanks - Modern Age, and some of the great Battlefield in a Box terrain sets.

Freebooter Miniatures (Hall 6 Booth F101) just announced that they will present the 2nd edition of their pirate skirmish Freebooters Fate. There is a teaser trailer already online.

A brief stop at Feldherr (Hall 2 C140) is on my list as well, as I'd like to get my hands on the new foam inlay for my copy of Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault.

Osprey Games will be in Hall 5 booth G124, and they have the preorders for Wildlands and Lost Expedition online, including special deals. Make sure to pre-order as they will have only limited stock. I'll try to buy the new Last Days Zombie Survival rulebook.

Ares Games (Hall 3 C130) will be there and show the new Battlestar Galactica miniatures game based upon their Wings of Glory rule set. This is the third sci-fi space ship game that uses these mechanics (after X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing).

The huge tabletop gaming community of Beasts of War (now called OnTableTop) will be at Spiel as well, Hall 2 F113, and they already started their pre-coverage on the show on their page. Among others with this article of 10 games to look out for at the show.

The Spiel 2018 is held in Essen and will be from Thursday 25th until Sunday 28th of October. Regular tickets begin at 13 EUR. I'll be there on Saturday, if you spot me, feel free to have a chat. Have a great start into the week.

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