Inq28 – Sequitor Inquisitor conversion

This is a conversion based upon the Easy-to-Build sequitors, that I bought at the opening of the local Warhammer store.

Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor

The sequitors are an incredible good deal at 3 for 12 EUR, very characterful large miniatures. The sprues are pre-coloured in a bright gold. I seperated the pieces I need, from the Sequitor prime. She even comes with two different head options, one helmeted and the other one without but a very prominent undercut.

I liked the pose and I've seen others converting that model for use with 40k / sci-fi settings (among others Eternal Hunt with his Inquisitrix Elianu). So I thought, I gave it a try myself. Casting is very good, and there was little to no mould lines.

Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor

A gathered a couple of bits from the 40k Range. The hammer is from the Dark Angel Deathwing Knights , the shield from the Deathwatch Marines, and the smaller items are rather generic and can be found on Space Marine, Black Templar sprues and such.

Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor

The swap of the weapon was rather easy, for the shield it took a bit more of cutting. I removed some of the Stormcast insignia and replaced it with Inquisition and Space Marine insignia.

Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor Inq28 - Sequitor Inquisitor

As a Stormcast she's on the rather tall side of the miniature range. I have to think of a way to explain her size, as you can see she's even taller than a Primaris Space Marine and easily taller than the heroes from the Inquisitor range. Maybe she's a former Sister of Battle, that went through an experimental Primaris program for the Ordo Hereticus.

Gamewise I'll pick up the Inq28 idea, explain it a little bit more widely here as I think that many people aren't aware of the project itself. But also the ideas and freedom it gives you in terms of a game. It is not about a specific ruleset. You could use models like these as a commander in Kill Team, you can field a small 40k army, use it with Ospreys Rogue Stars or any other rules you feel fitting. It is more about enjoying the narrative within the colourful yet grim dark world set up by the lore of Warhammer 40k.

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  1. in cawls experiments to create the primaris marines, he cloned and sliced a number of sisters with marine genes to make superior breeders. This experiment failed to produce what is known to be the primaris marines, but it was one of the attempts to reach that goal that produced instead a number of Inquisitors for the Ordo Hereticus.

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