BLOOD BOWL – Journey of the Maulers: Wannabes

More old Warhammer miniatures have gotten a stylish makeover and are now loyal fans of the Maulers. It is easy to see what effect the restauration of an old figure can have. I remember quite well that I didn't finish the musician's drums at the time because I felt burned out after more than twenty orcs in a row.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

Painting up regiments as fast as possible while keeping a look that works together has the disadvantage that the models will be quite uniform and thus a certain amount of boredom can arise. Another drawback is that the quality of the paintjob suffers due to the favor of speed.

When I painted the two again, I was aware of that and wanted to try a different approach, by painting the fans with similar or the same colors but to go for different schemes. To reinforce the atmosphere I made sure to include a couple of details this time, which are typical for fans. A scarf and a drum seemed to suit the theme accordingly and will look nicely in a mob. Especially with Rotfang the drummer, I noticed that the constant adherence of a "connection color" works well, even if the colors are otherwise rather mixed up.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

Rikoth Goalfinda and Rotfang Basekicka

Rikoth and his best buddy Rotfang have been fans for nearly as long as the Maulers exist. While Rikoth likes to express his passion with scarves and flags, Rofang is more of a drummer, although there is suspicions that he's just trying to smuggle a club into the stadium this way.

Both of them actually would like to play for Mork’s Maulers themselves…


Will Rikoth and Rotfang manage to join the Maulers? Stay tuned and find out more in the Journey of the Maulers!

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