Age of Sigmar: WAAAGHcry?

When I started my skirmish warband in October, this was done on the premise of creating it based on the original rules of Age of Sigmar Skirmish. Since January, AoS Skirmish is now more of an extension of the Generals Handbook and in general, with a new Warhammer Underworlds version and the forthcoming Warcry game, the trend seems to be headed towards smaller skirmish boxed games.

I'm usually a big fan of little characterful warbands that I can put together myself. For example, I like the combination of Savage Orruks and Spiderfang Grots because they have a nice tribal look. A firm constelation makes the whole thing a bit stiff though.

Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz

A Firebelly would visually fit well into the group and eventually it will down to it, because the model looks really awesome. In Warcry, mainly devotees of chaos seem to get at each others throat. Only since the last Adepticon preview warbands of other factions will seemingly join in the fray. For the time being, however, I'll stick to my original plan of two grots, two orruks and a boss.

Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz

Hm, but material for a "Waaaghcry" would be there - maybe it would be better to dig out another greenskin warband and make it a bit more elite than the Savage Orruks. I'm torn!

Age of Sigmar - Da Hotpawz

I like the warband quite well. Since I am a fan of self-contained games and the Warcry box does smile at me, therefore I wonder if I should also paint up a bit of terrain and a few more Orruks. The idea behind it would be to be able to play a self-contained game with the content of a single regimental box, or with small different warbands from it.

The inner conflict is huge at this point - should I continue the greenskin project, or should I get involved with Warcry for a new project? Let me know! Until then…

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  1. These orruks look so good!

    I would say keep painting savage orruks and grots until we know what a Bonesplitterz Warcry warband looks like. I have a feeling it will be a bit like the new Necromunda with lots of room for expansion and pretty easy to add in new things.

    So it is likely you be able to use most of them, and if you can’t you will still be able to use them in regular AoS Skirmish games!

  2. Now that the Warcry rules and warband cards are for presale, I can recommend to continue your Bonesplitterz warband. But without the Firebelly, there are no rules for this one. Nevertheless, I am planning to convert the Firebelly model into an Ork boss like I saw in White Dwarf some time ago. (It will just be an Savage Boss or Savage Morboy Boss, no real Big Boss, but it will look cool!). For the Spiderfang Grots,you coud possibly use the rules for Gloomspite Gitz Stabbas, If your opponent is ok with mixing different Warbands. Just keep some spare boys to replace the gitz if needed.

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