Salute-Weekend, Matildas and Knights

This weekend is Salute in London. I would have loved to be there, last year (Salute 2018 and the Operation Sealion!) was incredible fun and it would be great to see the folks again,  but with all that Brexit stuff going on, I wasn't keen on booking a flight and then having a uncertain situation (or fresh new one) at the airport. Besides that, being a dad, just staying away for the weekend for leisure is something that you want to plan and use wisely (there are a couple of weddings this year, along with stag nights and such, so I might need one or two rain checks). Oh and then there is of course Crisis this year, that I wouldn't want to miss.

Well, but what's going on in the 'bunker? You've probably seen the reviews on the 2019 model of Abaddon the Despoiler and the Chaos Gate that isn't called a Chaos Gate. Browsing through the old Chaos Codex is very dangerous. Alluring project ideas, especially for my oldhammer faible, but I'm currently involved enough with my Imperial Guard (and Eldar, wait, did I just spill the beans? Forget what you read...) and a new / additional Chaos project would just make it hard(er) to focus.

Never the less, I saw an old Abaddon in proper condition for 5 EUR and had to have it...

Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Codex 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Codex 2nd Edition Warhammer 40.000 - Abaddon the Despoiler

I am currently building the Agincourt mounted knights and preparing them for a review. That's a lot of fun, I'll go more into detail in the mentioned review, but with the infantry kits and additional horse sprues, you can extend the value of these knights by quite a bit. As the WotR kits were already quite a lot of fun to build into my pseudo-GoT project, these fit in so well.

Perry Miniatures - Agincourt Cavalry Perry Miniatures - Agincourt Cavalry Perry Miniatures - Agincourt Cavalry Perry Miniatures - Agincourt Cavalry

But the Agincourt box isn't the only review I am currently working on some Warlord Games / Bolt Action products. The Matilda tanks are almost done, I build the platoon box, two for the desert and one for Bhurma. I had quite some anticipation, when I noticed that the Matilda were proper Warlord and not "just" Italeri, but the casting or at least the mould lines on these are more than just a bit of work. But more on that in detail in the review. As for the campaign supplements, Battle of France goes more into detail on the Germany Strikes! supplement, but Fortress Budapest is quite special for me, as I didn't knew that much about the war in south-east Europe, so a lot of new information and content. I am currently preparing the play testing for the Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas reviews, and am still not sure wish gaming mat I should go for.

Bolt Action - Campaign Fortress Budapest & Battle of France Bolt Action - Matilda Plastic Kit

Blood Red Skies Cruel Seas

Then the first White Dwarf of my subscription arrived. I don't know if you were aware, but the subscription issues have a different front cover. It has the full cover artwork and a special effect headline for the White Dwarf. The april issue has a special item for the upcoming Warhammer 40k Munchkin, that I hope to receive as well.

Games Workshop - White Dwarf April 2019 Games Workshop - White Dwarf April 2019

So that's a brief heads up on what is currently in the schedule and going on. I'll spend the weekend with a short city trip with my family, probably not that hobby related ... well, maybe 😉 Does Lego count?

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