BLOOD BOWL – Journey of the Maulers: The proper look

Chainsaws not only have a long-standing tradition at Blood Bowl, they are also a great excuse some conversions a try. Since I always wanted to field Ugroth Bolgrot once, but never liked the classic model, I built my own version. On the one hand, that had the advantage that I could use it, if I needed an inducement at any time and on the other hand I could test the new yellow color scheme for the first time. Of course, I had the crazy idea that he should wear a mask and the user blackmail82 had just the right thing in his bitzbox. He sent it in the same stylish manner as he handles everything in the hobby.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

The model itself was a small Frankenstein of 40K and fantasy bits, with the kneeling leg pair hailing from Kromlech. When I had finished painting the fella, I was undecided if I really wanted to keep this color scheme. I liked yellow as the main color, but the dark brown was no longer produced by Games Workshop and I had to look for an alternative.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

Even with the style of the numbers I wasn't totally sure, because it was very straightforward and accurate, despite the blocky style. I decided to do another test run and painted up the only model of the old team that wasn't even primed at that time - the second thrower. He had a nice running pose with a forward positioned arm, that looked like he was stifarming his way through.

BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers BLOOD BOWL - Journey of the Maulers

I made sure to use as similar colors as possible and to vary them only in their placement. In an Orc team this kind of variation isn't a problem. As long as you're using the same colors they'll look pretty cohesive if you don't change the main color. But we'll talk about that another time...  

   „Dat is da worst stuff I’ve eva seen“ Boz thought. The new players obviously had their doubts too, when it came to the usability of their equipment, obtained by their recent sponsor Mork Donaldz. Though they did not dare to criticize the boss under his stern gaze.    Still, with the current team he was quite satisfied though. Soon he would arrange a first match to initiate the triumphant return of the Maulers…and hopefully…better gear…

Greetings from the Chaosbunker Dino  

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  1. Beautiful! Mind sharing your yellow work-up?

  2. Hi Paul! A short version can already be found in the tutorial for one of the fans – I might do a step by step though, if folks are interested. You can find the tutorial here:

  3. This is amazing! I’d like to try and make for myself, but I can’t seem to the find the bits. Would you mind giving a little more detail in terms of the models you used? Thanks!

  4. Hi Whit, the orc with the chainsaw consists of the following parts: arms – 40K Grots box; chainsaw, body and shoulder plates – 40K Orkboyz box; heas – AoS Greenskins Boar Riders box; legs – kneeling legs by Kromlech.

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