A brief holiday starts

Did anyone else had the time to watch the third season of Stranger Things? In episode two you can see the physics teacher painting some miniatures. I assume that's Legolas?

Stranger Things

I am a grass widower for a couple of days, so I used the time to do some of things, that aren't that welcome when the wife & toddler is around, for example playing around with solvent or aceton - stripping miniatures.

Anyhow, proper preperation is key. I used a jar, let the miniatures sit in there for at least a day, sometimes longer when I don't have the spare time to come around to it earlier. I usually get myself a bowl with warm water that I add a bit of dish detergent to it and take the miniatures / bits in small batches from the jar to the bowl. To clean of the paint I use an old tooth brush, I bought cheap ones with harder bristles, as that helps scraping off the layer of paint.

Stripping Paint

This batch mainly consists out of old Imperial Guard, that I bought on the turn of this year. When you're stripping miniatures, make sure to use protection. So open up a window, if you're working in the kitchen like I am, turn on the vent pipe in addition. You can use a respirator mask, depending on what you are working with (if you're using Liquid Green or Mellerud that won't be that necessary) and as your hands are in contact with remainders of the solvent as well a rather long time in liquid surgent gloves as well.

After like 20 minutes you can see how the paint flakes and other residues are showing up on that gloves, along with the edges of the miniatures along with the remainders of the solvent messing up your gloves. I don't want that stuff having too much direct contact with my skin and you shouldn't either, so wear gloves. You can get them easily at a drugstore, even those fancy black ones that the hipster food bloggers use.

Stripping Paint Stripping Paint Stripping Paint

Sometimes multiple goes will be necessary. Some primers and paint combinations are just withstanding a lot. To be honest I'm not sure what is going on with the Valhallans with the grenade launcher. Unusual dark miniatures, and as they are missing their slabs those might be recasts or something. Anyhow, tested out an electric tooth brush, really makes things easier. Can only recommend that.

Stripping Paint

The next batch is already in the jar, this time Chaos. I'm currently out of stripping agent, so that's on my shopping list for next week.

Stripping Paint

About next week, I'm taking a couple of days off to visit my wife and kid at cure. I'll use the time to drop by at Radaddel store as well, so I might come back with some new stuff in my bag. Anyhow, article wise the next week is sorted out, so there will be a couple of blog posts while I'm on the road. Have a great sunday!

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