Citadel Colour Contrast – Part 3

We've covered the history of the Citadel Paints in part 1, then had the chance to see them in action in part 2 / the review and now I may welcome you to the third part, with a sum up and collection of multiple feedbacks and reviews that I found online in the past few weeks and I'd like to share.

One of the most helpful overviews was the broad paint sample chart put online by the Warhammer Store in Chelmsford, they used each of the 34 paints on the recommended Grey Seer and Wraithbone primers, along with the Corax White (a very light and flat grey, noticably darker than Skull White), Zandri Dust (another popular, bone coloured / beige primer), and the two metal primers of Leadbelcher and Retributor Armour.

Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour
Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour
Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour Games Workshop - Citadel Colour

If you have been on facebook and you follow / are part of some of the Warhammer groups, you'll probably seen them, but as I know for a fact quite a lot people don't spend that much time on facebook or use it at all, therefore I'd like to share the overview with you here, outside the social media platform.

I follow a couple of wargaming youtubers, among them Scott, the Miniature Maniac, who did a video on his truth behind the GW Contrast paints, along with a colour chart using the paint directly on paper, as a thick blob and thinner stroke.

Tale of Painters took the time to do a review on the Contrast paints as well, covering the Chelmsford charts as well (but the old ones, "only" covering Grey Seer, Wraithbone and Corax White), along with their own comparisons of the paints with some similar products of companies like Vallejo and Army Painter. And I really like their sum up with the key learnings and summary of their experiences so far with the colours.

Games Workshop takes care of their customers on WarhammerTV, both on Youtube and on Twitch, but has a lot of tutorials on their Youtube channel, one of them covers the usage of Contrast Paints / getting models battle ready. They used the chance during the introduction of this new addition to the Citadel Paint range to set up a new website, Citadel Colour, collecting all the tutorials and techniques they have online at one central page.

Mengel Miniatures, who has a guest column on Warhammer Community, but never has his blog linked, did a tutorial on painting Sylvaneth with Contrast paints. I like the article and I'll try to recreate it. I'll share my experiences on that on here.

Mind of Mengel - Sylvaneth Contrast Paints

There are a couple of takes on Contrast paint being used with historical miniatures.

Karwansary Publishers published an article on their blog on their experiences with the contrast paints on Vikings, Napoleonics and some Oathmark Fantasy miniatures, for example the dwarves below.

Karwansaray Publishers - Contrast Paint

Stronghold Terrain showed a few of the new Victrix Vikings being painted with contrast paints on their Facebook page.

Stronghold Terrain - Victrix Vikings & Contrast Paint Stronghold Terrain - Victrix Vikings & Contrast Paint

I like the idea, but I definitely found too few results of the paints being used on historical miniatures. And there for I decided to continue part 2 the review, with an additional article and cover some things like horses painted with Contrast paints. That article will go online within the next few weeks, but not as thightly scheduled as this week's coverage. I am currently preparing some industrial vehicles for the next block of articles and my beloved Oldhammer, so come back again soon!

How were your results with Contrast? Are you satisfied? What did work out for you and what not? Did you combine it with other paints or brands? Any tipps and advice of your own?

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