Civilians, Romans and Boats

Since Wednesday the Colony 87 Kickstarter is online. The range moved from Jon Boyce to Crooked Dice and has its third wave crowdfunded.

And the campaign was funded within 15 minutes (with myself among the first backers!) and now already has unlocked the initial four stretch goals. Might be even more as there is a small delay between me writing this article and it going online. So I assume there is further progress.

I had my eyes on the Kickstarter with the Adeptus Titanicus bases, but at prices of 40 GBP for 3 larger bases and 6 40mm, I'm just building them myself and / or using 3d prints. A similar set up, just for 40k instead of AT costs just half that. And especially if you're moving the risk away from you, getting the money beforehand and such, I expect a much better deal on a crowdfunding campaign. But well, vote with your wallet.

And Warlords new Ancient Warband Combat system SPQR arrived, as I want to review the new competition to SAGA, along with the resin material that they use for certain parts of the new range. I was a bit surprised, that the special miniature was casted in the new resin instead of metal, as they do with Bolt Action. But look how thick that rulebook is. Looking forward to it.

Warlord Games - SPQR Warlord Games - SPQR

To beef up the upcoming review on Cruel Seas, I got the German M-Class Minesweeper and British Flower Class Corvette. I was at a first a bit "wow, how are these almost 30 GBP", but these are incredibly huge. But more on that on their review.

Warlord Games - Reinforcements

And I am looking for the following items to complete a couple of smaller projects, especially the Oldhammer projects.

The Last Bit Search

  • Space Marine with Plasma Gun (metal)
  • renegade backpacks
  • Chaos Space Marine close combat weapons
  • Khorne Berzerker Champion
  • Dark Angels Sergeant 1
  • Dreadnought Banner pole (maybe Dark Angels or Blood Angels as well)
  • Imperial Fist Captain
  • Imperial Fists Banner Pole
  • Imperial Fist special pads for Chaplain and Scriptor
  • Imperial Fists Terminator Weapons
  • Bike Stowage

If you happen to have some of these items and are willing to part with them, drop me a message, let me know. We will sort it out.

Other than that, working on continuing the Oldhammer Chaos project, as I do have like 90-95% of bits together for it. Following on the CSM Terminators probably with the regular Chaos Space Marine squads.

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