Korea, Tanks and even more Boats

I am currently preparing the Cruel Seas review, along with the Flotillas and larger ships. I mentioned the resin ships in my last short update, Civilans, Romans and Boats, and I find it very appealing to build something completely different to the very dominant 28mm kits that I usually cover.

Warlord Games - Cruel Seas Warlord Games - Cruel Seas

Assembly goes fast, as does the cleaning of the models, but the instructions could be clearer. I'll go into detail on that in the review.

Bolt Action - Korea Bolt Action - Korea

The latest supplement, or better to say Spin-Off of Bolt Action arrived, along with a themed box of the popular tv-series M.A.S.H. and my dear beloved Centurion tank. Oh, you british main battle tank. A tank review that I will most certainly enjoy. It might get a bit nerdier than usual, but we will see. I was amazed by the size of the D-Day: Overlord book, but just see how the Korea book is even more massive.

White Dwarf - August 2019 White Dwarf - August 2019 White Dwarf - August 2019

This month White Dwarf arrived, the artwork on the cover is stunning. They introduced the Anvils of the Heldenhammer as a new Stormhosts of the Stormcast, including a few guides and how-tos. I like the dark colour scheme and the bone face mask, that gives the character the look of the Space Marine Chaplains. I looked into the painting tutorial, as I have a lot of dark armour upcoming with the Black Legion for Oldhammer / 2nd edition 40k.

White Dwarf - August 2019 White Dwarf - August 2019

I recently showed you the Sigmarite Dais and they did a nice conversion of it in the August issue of the White Dwarf, using marbles to create magic items. I talked how it easy it would be to extend or convert the Dominion of Sigmar buildings, and I like how that article confirms my theory. They had an extended coverage on Chaos Knights as well, including a magnificient conversion by Maxime / Mörback, from the GW Studio and Les Kouze Blog.

The Last Bit Search

In the last post, I did a looking-to-buy post and I have to say, thanks to a lot of offers and deals, I was able to shrink that wanted list down to only a few pieces left.


  • Imperial Fist Captain
  • Imperial Fists Banner Pole
  • Imperial Fist Special Shoulderpads for Chaplain and Scriptor
  • Imperial Fists Terminator Weapons
  • Dreadnought Banner pole (maybe Dark Angels or Blood Angels as well)
  • Chaos Space Marine Close Combat Sprue

Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Rhinos Warhammer 40.000 - Oldhammer Rhinos

As for the Oldhammer project, I did a bit of stocktaking, to see, what I am still missing. I have enough backpacks and shoulder pads for my chaos space marines, which I am happy about. And I managed to acquire two old Rhinos, who weren't in a too bad shape. But thanks to a friend I have a solid stock of spare parts, to fix these two up along with giving a wrack or two a try.

Oh and the best news of the week, my wife and daughter are back home. We had the chance to catch up on the birthday party and had quite the weekend. So have a great start into this new week, you'll see a lot here soon!

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