Multiple Vessels incoming, new White Dwarf

I have the reviews on some of the larger vessels for Cruel Seas in the box and ready for next week to be published, with the merchant tanker, the flower-class corvette and the m-class minesweeper waiting.

Crues Seas - Merchant Tanker Crues Seas - Flower Class Corvette Crues Seas - M-Class Minesweeper

To fill the gap between these large ships and the regular torpedo boats, I guess I'll add one of the double blisters each. So I have two coastal forces on eye level and am a bit flexible with scaling of the matches. I currently have the content of the starter set, two flotillas (one each), and a few sprues from the Wargames Illustrated (German s-boat, the American coastal boat and a torpedo sprue). And well, the flagships above.

Trumpeteer - Cruel Seas Flyers Trumpeteer - Cruel Seas Flyers

I got myself two of these aircraft sets by Trumpeter in 1:350th scale. I already have some British flyers and they will add a bit of variation to the forces.

That's actually my plan with the very appealing looking Black Seas as well, going for two medium sized fleets. As I don't feel very connected to the French nor British navy of that time, I am very interested what will be available for the Spanish as well as the possibilities to play pirates or freebooter flotilla. Guess what, the neat things are already on their way to me, so that I'm able to share all three different plastic vessel sprues with you on here.

And to stay with the topic of vessels, Amazon had a very, very appealing deal on the Cobi Bismark. Selling the World of Warships edition for less than half the price (56 EUR instead of the regular 119 EUR). Well, I would have shared Cobi kits with you earlier on here, but the polish brick company is rather unreliable and not standing to their promisses.

During mid of the week the latest White Dwarf issue, September 2019, was released. It had as a bonus the characters of Felix and Gotrek for Total War: Warhammer II.

White Dwarf - September 2019

From the content, this issue is closer to the Warhammer Vision issues of the past. A lot of well painted and converted miniatures and vignettes. The snowy vehicles appealed to me, and were supported by terrain and base tutorials.

White Dwarf - September 2019 White Dwarf - September 2019 White Dwarf - September 2019

As for new gaming content, that is rather lean. There is a duo of Ogryns, the brothers broggan, as new characters for Blackstone Fortress and a small campaign for Warcry, the Blood Arena.

White Dwarf - September 2019 White Dwarf - September 2019 White Dwarf - September 2019

And a bit surprising, the only page covering Aeronautica, was the back cover with the artwork. Nothing more. Maybe we will see more in October.

White Dwarf - September 2019

Today and tomorrow is the participation day in Düsseldorf at the Drachental, hosted by Games 'n Dice. I'll keep you posted and cover my experience on here and social media.

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