White Dwarf in November

Last friday the current issue arrived at the 'bunker and close to christmas the White Dwarf comes with some interesting goodies. The issue came in a card board sleeve, incl. an artprint and four bonus cards for multiple games.

White Dwarf - November 2019 White Dwarf - November 2019

Price stays the same at 8 EUR. And the cover is the special one delivered with the subscription issues. The cards cover a Strategem for Adeptus Titanicus, a Special Play for Blood Bowl, a card for Warhammer Underworlds and an Ace for Aeronautica Imperialis.

The issue's cover shows an Inquisitor and that is very representative for the content of this months issue. You get a brief story on a genestealer cult under observation by the Ordo Xenos, a broad Index Imperialis on the Inquisition itself, along with data sheets, battle options and gear for them being used in Warhammer 40.000. Followed up by a brief conversion and painting show case on building your own Inquisitors retinue.

White Dwarf - November 2019 White Dwarf - November 2019

After covering winter in September, the November issue goes for sand and ash deserts, incl. these interesting models. I like the converted Baneblade, and Squig Rider. They have a converted Taurox and Ridgerunner, but I don't want to spoil the whole issue. The Leman Russ squadron is from the back part of the issue, but covers desert camo as well.

White Dwarf - November 2019 White Dwarf - November 2019 White Dwarf - November 2019

The side games are covered as in the back issues. You get rules for the Ambull in Kill Team and for the Harlequin Solitair in Blackstone Fortress. A battle report on Beastgrave using the starter box, along with the use of the new promo card from this issue, and quite an elaborate article on tactics (10 pages). About Beastgrave, they simply lost me this month.

Beastgrave got more expensive for no proper reason, the warbands as well. The initial costs per season for the starter box + supplements warbands surpassed 200 EUR and went beyond that with this month. There is a dreadfane upgrade (so they stripped the Barnes & Nobles exclusive and charge you 45 EUR for 2x 12 EUR easy-to-build kits and a ~60 cards deck) and the Gift pack, where they honestly charge you 30 EUR for a card board game board (they could have gone for mouse pad material), 3 tokens (didn't they already release a token/marker set?) and 32 cards.

White Dwarf - November 2019 White Dwarf - November 2019

The Ogors get some lore and charts as well, for campaign use, incl. a story covering multiple double pages. Andy Hoare's Emperors Children get a couple of pages as well, as the Horus Heresy / 30k army project is quite large and well done. But hey, he's working for Forge World so that employee's discount has to count for something.

A solid issue this month, broad content, something in there for everyone. I am just surprised, that the contents of the issue don't really align with the releases. That is not something new, they loosened that up a while ago. But usually the White Dwarf would support current releases. That is not a bad thing per se, just with smaller or side releases, they feel a bit left out or left alone.

Any how, along with the Warhammer Community page, you get a proper dose of Warhammer input each month. It would be great if some of the content from the magazine would be moved as PDF downloads towards the community page at some point, as getting your hand on back issues is a bit of a problem.

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