Journey of the Maulers – Small progress, big impact

Fiiiiinally! The last blackorc of the team is painted and even if it's just another mini, to me this is a big step forward! The blackorc squad is now complete and the point where I failed in my first attempt to paint up the team has been overcome.

Ulag Elfbita - biting Elves can lead to a certain reputation

Journey of the Maulers - Ulag Elfbita
Journey of the Maulers - Ulag Elfbita Journey of the Maulers - Ulag Elfbita

Interestingly, the model was the only blackorc I had painted at that time and this time it was the last one I had done. The reason was that I didn't like the left arm and replaced it with one that looked better.

In addition, I tried Tallarn Sand again as a base color for the pants, just to see if it would work well on another model. I am quite satisfied with the overall look and will try to paint all the fabric parts in this colour on a fan. I could continue painting the metal parts in yellow and use black as an additional spot color this way. This also opens the door for small details. For this orc I wrote "Face 'ere" in rough letters onto the glove, as he is the only blackorc with an armored fist. Maybe jagged patterns in beige on the armour plates would be nice, too. That wouldn't alienate the bright look too much and still offer some nice motives. But usually you don't paint bright details onto a bright base. Well, I guess I'll have to try that out again after all.

Anyway, overall I am satisfied with the progress. On to the final act of repainting... just... one...more...model...

Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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