Frostgrave: A Sword and Sorcery Adventure – Part 3

My little Sword and Sorcery project is going into the next round with a bit more routine from today on. In the coming weeks updates will always happen on a Frosty Friday (if there are any).

In this article I would like to introduce the puppy of the bunch. In terms of game mechanics, the combat dog is an excellent gap-filler when you start with a warband, where you want to spend your entire budget at the beginning of your campaign, as he only costs a measly 10 gold.

Frostgrave - A Sword and Sorcery Adventure Frostgrave - A Sword and Sorcery Adventure

The model fits neatly into the look of other North Star models

Frostgrave - A Sword and Sorcery Adventure


Furthermore "the dog" also offers a great opportunity to play a gang with a theme. For example, you can provide a tracker with a whole pack of dogs, since there are many great dog models on the market. Maybe I will realise this idea in one of the upcoming projects.

The model hails from the regiment box of the dwarfs from Mantic Games. This one usually has a handle on the back, which I simply cut off and voila, it looks like a real combat dog. By the way, at this point I would like to thank Christian, the chief editor of the Brückenkopf news page, who kindly donated the model. The background story will be provided together with the next painted model, as the two characters are tied together fluffwise.


Until then, greetings from Felstadt!


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