A week of titan building

In February I got myself the updated Adeptus Titanicus starter set. Adding further titans to my maniples. Just look at the staple of sprues!

Adeptus Titanicus - New starter boxed set Adeptus Titanicus - New starter boxed set Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers & Warhounds

I already have one of the regular Reaver kits and two of the ones with melta cannon, and converted one of the carapace weapon systems into a plasma blastgun. And during the evening hours of the week, I assembled the first parts of the Reavers and Warhound sets from the kit.

Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Battle Titan Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Battle Titan Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers & Warhounds

The idea is to have three in the traitor legion and two in the loyal ones. The regular kit comes with a standard head, the other one offers three variants of a more sinister look. For that I had to convert the second standard head a bit. I decided to move the least sinister looking one to the loyal maniple, and converted the regular one into a bit more evil looking (head in the middle).

Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers Heads

As I wanted to mix the gear and weaponry, I did some minor conversions. I took out some of the missiles from the Apocalypse Missile Launcher, and I am modifing the power fist into a power claw, with the additional bits I had spare from the Warlord kit.

Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers Apocalypse Missile Launcher Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers Titan Power Claw Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers Titan Power Claw

I went through some great posts on Instagram, to get some more ideas for re-posing the legs, to give them a more dynamic look. That will be the next step. And I managed to score two of the Civitas Imperialis sectors, so I can build more of the Civitas Imperialis kits. There's a small terrain series on schedule.

Adeptus Titanicus - Civitas Imperialis Sector

This afternoon the second part of the preview by Games Workshop goes live on WarhammerTV on Twitch, looking forward to it.

WarhammerTV - Online Preview 2

Come by tomorrow, for the next weekend update, covering the third week in home office, some cooking and ideas what to do with your time in addition to our hobby.

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