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We went into the post-ww2-war era this week, with two reviews covering the Korean War, and the far future of Gaslands and the Horus Heresy. And I've taken the pictures for two upcoming Beastgrave reviews.

Krauthorn Podcast Adeptus Titanicus - Reavers & Warhounds

Across the street of our apartment they are building a new medical building, therefore with the majority of staying at home at least for our daughter there is some entertainment watching the trucks, big diggers and cranes. As we're legally allowed to go for a walk and shopping for groceries, we went to the market and to take a look at the building site of the new city hall. The little one enjoyed the sight.

Bagger spotting

To improve the body's defence I am trying to eat more fruit, drink a lot of juices and tea and even pickled some ginger, of which I eat a spoonfull each morning. There is a recipe online over here.

I spend lunch time mostly cooking for my family, we did roasted vegetables and I got myself a tortilla press and some masa harina. This time I went for a 50/50 precooked corn flour / spelt flour. Much better result, due to the gluten far less brittle as the pure corn tortillas. And I made some home made tortilla chips for our daughter from the tortillas. Today we had a small batch of pulled pork as cheese burgers.

To be honest, the opportunity to cook daily and being so much around my wife and kid reminds me a bit of my parental leave.

Pickled Ginger Roasted Vegetables Pulled Pork Burgers

Tortillas Tortillas

The new arrivals these week were two of the Civitas Imperialis Sectors, adding upto 32 sprues to my AT terrain collection. But I might just build one and see if I can trade in the second box against something different. The second shipment that arrived was by Claymore Castings, covering some stand-in Bretonnians.

Adeptus Titanicus - Civitas Imperialis Sector

Osprey Publishing published more free e-books, a second batch of five books for you to download. And after Frostgrave last week, Zone Alfa received Solo-Play rules as a free download as well.

Warlord Games has a 50% off sale on their digital books, some even for free. Take a look over here - Warlord Games digital books.

Mantic Games provided a guide, on how to play their Vanguard rule set using Vassal.

The Tabletop Simulator that we've talked about in the past weekend updates, is currently available at a discounted price as well as a four-key bundle on Steam.


What did I watch this week? Well, on saturday the second Warhammer TV preview was streamed on twitch. Didn't really excite me as much as the one from last week. The High Elves are well done, but the whole one-click-bundle is now available as a boxed pre-order doesn't appeal to me. The idea of an army of giants is silly, and the Black Library miniatures lack a certain finesse, that other novelties provide.

Late this week the fifth episode of Astartes went live. A very promissing fan project on Youtube, covering a grim dark tale of Space Marines. Highly recommended.

Tonight Krauthorn, the german podcast will give twitch a try. Looking forward to join them this evening. Yet, 20 o'clock is prime time on a sunday for me, so have to see if I can really make it.

I went for Star Trek: Nemesis. The whole clone thing feels cheap and more like one of the mediocre episodes, not really the stuff to make a movie out of. But I went in for a couple of episodes of Deep Space Nine. It has different story telling than TNG, which takes a bit to adapt, but my biggest concern is that those were not upgraded to HD. Unfortunately Voyager was neither. There are fan projects, that use machine learning to re-render and provide quite convincing results, but as these are not official licensed it is rather unlikely for them to be provided somewhere legal - especially at the high episode count of both series.

And I've managed to squeeze in Star Wars -  IX - Rise of Skywalker, the first Star Wars movie that I didn't see in a cinema (well after solo, but none speaks about that ...). What a horrible, weird end to that series. You have to be a really, really big Star Wars fan to ignore all the nonsense and weird battle scenes going on.

There are two True Crime Documentations, that I've seen this week and can recommend, McMillion$ and Tiger King. Stories to crazy, they have to be true. Highly recommend.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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