Post-Easter Weekend Update

Welcome to the post-eastern summary of the week. The week started with the first out of an upcoming series of articles about Frostgrave, that will be dual series, one part covering my unboxing and build reviews, and the other part with Dino gathering his warbands within the Sword & Sorcery adventure.

Within the gap of the review on the Civitas Imperialis kits and the further terrain building, I covered a third party - Troublemaker with their 6mm terrain kits. And I did a review on the Goblin Wolfriders of the Oathmark range. They just announced the new light elf kit, that was supposed to be released on the Salute weekend.

Frostgrave - Wizards Troublemaker Games - 6mm Terrain Sets Oathmark - Goblin Wolf Rider

As for Salute, there are a couple of virtual replacements, but they can't replace the tour and guys weekend we usually have in London. But Salute isn't the only event that was cancelled or postponed, just on friday the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp announced that Crisis won't be held in 2020. By that our other "main event", having a similar weekend in Belgium with a half-year gap is cancelled as well. I have updated the event schedule for this year accordingly.

It is really sad, but understandable and the reasonable thing to do unless we are not just managing this situation but have it actually under control.

South London Warlords - Salute 2018 Ian Smith & Friends South London Warlords - Salute 2018 Blood Red Skies Salute 2018 - Aftermath Borough Market Salute 2018 - Aftermath Borough Market Salute 2018 - Aftermath The Rake

I had time on the prolonged weekend of easter to do some cooking. We had really great ribs, tender and juicy, you could simply pull the bones from the meat. I prepared some home made cole slaw and with the large amount of remaining cabbage that I had, I did a german cabbage dish with bacon and caraway seeds. And I ordered a couple of bottles at Vulkanbräu, a brewery from the Eifel, who currently have a limited gyle beer on sale.

Spare Ribs Spare Ribs Vulkan Bräu - Limitiertes Sudbier Cole Dish

Home office continues and we make the most of our time inside. Fortunatelly we have quite the lot of Duplo bricks, and the sandbox arrived on tuesday, that I assembled on our balcony. The little one is so happy about it. It's not a playground, but it helps to keep her entertained and engaged.

Sandbox Duplo

My sister surprised us with an easter basket. At first we thought it was for her godchild, but she put a little surprise for me in there as well. Spree Gin, Aqua Monaco Tonic Water and a Batman anniversary sticker album. Yeah, baby!

Spree Gin Tonic Water Aqua Monaco Batman Panini Sticker Collection

Let's get back to our hobby, yesterday was Games Workshop's third weekend preview.

  • New Giants - better than I expected. Yet, I expect a price tag around 80-100 EUR for this new kit.
  • Blackstone Fortress comes to an end - okay, I guess? Well made, but the pricing of the supplement was a downer.
  • New Warcry Warband. Interesting looking Dark Elves / Drukhari. Should be a great skirmish force along with the upcoming Beastgrave warband.
  • New High Elf miniature. Balancing on a stone, and 80% of the model owners won't do the "silk over face" thing any justice.
  • Snotlings for Blood Bowl. Funny, I really dig the snot pump waggon. But honestly, weren't there any other "more serious" teams in more need of an update?
  • Saul Tarvitz for Horus Heresy. Cool looking miniature, yet the position of the weapon and the crossguard is weird. The head or miniature in general with a couple of different bits would make for a great pre-heresy Dark Angel.
  • Psychic Awakening Pariah. Amazing Necron General Grievous and the Inquisitor that nobody wanted.
  • Hammer & Bolter. Certainly a cool thing for those who like Anime. Looks well made, but not my cup of tea.
  • Event Exclusive Sister and Terminator Lord as a zero risk made to order preorder for 60 EUR. Yeah, sure ...

Certainly better than preview #2, was hoping for more Titanicus and Aeronautica, but well the later one will have a (post-poned?) release in May.

And as we're talking preview, let's have a teaser, what's coming next on the 'bunker.

Lord of the Rings - Lake Town Parts Breton Comparison Shot Blu Tack Sculpting Ground

And of course more and more wargaming companies react and provide solutions for solo play and to put your miniatures to proper use. Warlords of Erehwon receives a solo play package, that can be downloaded for free (and covering new monsters). And so does Osprey Games' Last Days Zombie Survival game, a free solo and coop rules pack.

But that's not all by Osprey, they once again gave access to five eBooks for free this week. Jagdgeschwader 52, Japan 1945, Viking Warriors Vs. Anglo-Saxon Warriors, M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural and Bill Slim.

Mantic Games added further free rules, this one is quite the hitter - Kings of War 3rd edition for free!

So let's jump into the last part of each weekender - the streaming tipps.

There is an eight episode of Tiger King on Netflix, which isn't really the eight episode, but more what Talking Dead is to Walking Dead. A summary, with individual interviews, hosted by Joel McHale. And another comedy stand up special, this time Chris D'Eliahs - No Pain. But have to say was the weakest of the last three (Segura's Ball Hog and Kreischer's Hey Big Boy). So as for D'Eliah I'd recommend one of the older specials, like Man on Fire.

As for podcasts, there is Krauthorns 14th episode on my schedule. And I really enjoyed JRE - # 1446 Bert Kreischer, as I did the #1447 episode with Tom Segura. The chemistry is great and those are not just to promote their comedy special, but it's like listening to some guys having a beer.

I had something that kept me off from wargaming in general the last week, but in a very soothing way was Anno 1404. I picked the game after a 3 year pause, and some great tutorials by The League of Ungentlemenly Warfare got me back into it.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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