Gaslands – New week, new wreck

My latest terrain piece, made from a recycled Nissan Titanium, is finished and I had so much fun with it that I decided to do another piece in the same style right away. This time I won't take a hotwheel apart though. In fact, a recently purchased monster truck was already accompanied by a wreck that has no other purpose than to drive over it.

Osprey Games - Gaslands

As you can see I added a few small details to cover a some holes that are actually connectors for other wrecks. To the hole in the front I glued a few rods to make it look like a rudimentary radiator grill.

Osprey Games - Gaslands

Right from the beginning I noticed that it would be quite the challenge for an off-road terrain piece, because the details on the car were heavily washed out. As I thought I saw something like a siren on the roof, I had the idea to paint the wreck like a police car. The mainly black paint on the car would help to keep the rougher details from turning out too prominently.

I split the painting into about four stages: windows, all other small details, white part of the chassis and black part of the chassis. The rest, like chipped paint and rust effects were a decision I would make later.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

The tail lights I painted on, because they were not existant on the model and more flair was created on the wreck by adding them. This is very easy - you paint a vertical, rectangular shape, shade it upwards and then highlight the edges. You don't even have to be very accurate, because it is only a wreck!

Osprey Games - Gaslands

The white part of the chassis was a patience game. You need several layers if you want to apply the base colour with the brush and have it cover evenly. The base colour wasn't white, but a very, very bright grey. This is not a must, but important if you want to accentuate edges later. The picture is intentionally kept a little darker at this point, as conventional cameras tend to swallow a few accent steps with bright colors. I shaded with Cold Grey, whereby the door edge was shaded a little more by adding black. This way I could still make the intended position of the door visible.

Afterwards I tackled the black areas. With these too, patience is needed, since basically more and more Cold Grey is being added to the black. First roughly pre-painted and then edges are worked out bit by bit.

Osprey Games - Gaslands

Afterwards I painted on some rust to make the shape of the trunk more visible. The rims as well as some angular spots and the engine were painted with silver, before the outer sides of the tires were painted with brown. Actually I would have liked to drybrush the wheels to create a more natural look, but unfortunately the structure of the model did not allow this.

Finally, the base was processed in the same way as the Nissan, so that it fitted nicely into the Wasteland image. The evolutionary process of the terrain piece makes me quite happy and so the destroyed Highway Patrol car is added to the collection of my terrain:

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands
Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

Greetings from the Gaslands


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  1. Awesome stuff!! Love these gaslands tutorials.

  2. This is unbelievable! Keep posting. I will keep watching.

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