Weekend Update CW 22/2020

Another prolonged weekend ahead. It's whitsun and that means a holiday on monday. Traditionally a weekend with a lots of festivals, like Rock am Ring, will be a lot less crowded.

As I am still re-sorting the bunker, this week was a bit slow on the articles, I covered the first of the re-shoots with the boba-fett style bountyhunter for Inq28, and Dino continues the Journey of the Maulers with an article on the fans.

The Mundalorian Journey of the Maulers - The Maulers

New review material arrived! The last Bolt Action supplement was Campaign Overlord, and now I can dive into Stalingrad. And the Spanish 3rd Rates arrived along with a Schooner Squadron for Black Seas. I've already covered the regular 3rd Rates here.

Bolt Action - Campaign Stalingrad Black Seas - Spanish 3rd Rates & Schooners

One of my last visit to the Warhammer store in Koblenz was in March, briefly before the lockdown, and the one before was for the the Black Library Celebration where I picked up the Horus Heresy Legion I pins. I was just into the ones of the Black Legion and Imperial Fists for my middlehammer projects, and already traded the Space Wolf pin with another wargamer right on the spot. As part of my sorting out, I offered the remaining 6 pins earlier this week and all of them were sold within 15 minutes.

On Wednesday I dropped by the store again, to pick up smaller things and to see how they're doing. They have sneeze guards and masks, and you should just get in, pick up your order and head out. As I've covered the topic on primers a few weeks ago, good news for the purists - Chaos Black is back in stock.

Black Library - Horus Heresy Legion I Pins Games Workshop - Store Koblenz

I could squeeze in some building this week, I managed to assembly the 1:350 trumpeter aircrafts for Cruel Seas. Prepared the undivided chaos warband of Beastmen for my Realm of Chaos project, and already build the spanish 3rd rates that arrived friday.

Trumpeter - BF109T & Ju-87C-1 Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Black Seas - Spanish 3rd Rates & Schooners

The second part on the interview with Nick Eyre is online at John Wombat, along with a talk with Andy Chambers. I had the time to listen to the 15th episode of Krauthorn, they're talking about the release of the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k.

For the virtual wargamers, there is a huge sale on Games Workshop themed on Steam. Just make sure to take a look at the reviews and ratings, as the games are a hits or miss affair. And some of these have rather unappealing DLC models.

Third season of Seinfeld runs well and easy, the stories are becoming more relatable. I'm halfway through the seventh and final season of Deep Space 9, interesting to see the closure of the Dominion conflict, yet the filler episodes like having the crew playing baseball are a bit irritating and like they're stalling. Space Force started yesterday on Netflix. Rick & Morty's final episode of 4th season airs on monday.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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