INQ28 – The Mundalorian

I have built and painted this one in 2009, and decided it is time to new pictures. The bounty hunter "Boba" was created for the Inq28 project.

Inq28 - Bounty Hunter Inq28 - Bounty Hunter Inq28 - Bounty Hunter

A brief introduction on Inq28 can be found here, along with a great amount of pictures on Instagram #Inq28. I have to take more time to remove the dust speckles from the miniatures the next batch of pictures I take. Other than that, I am thinking about giving him some more highlights to make him less greasy and maybe clean up / do some touchups, as the close ups showed some pooling of the wash who went unnotice.

I found an old picture of the unpainted model, which gives a better insight in the parts that I used.

Inq28 - Bounty Hunter

Of course he was build with Boba Fett in mind, but with the release of The Mandalorian, the nickname the Mundalorian is just so close, I have to use that. And inspired by that, I did a quick photoshop. And that gave another idea, to give him his own Slave One / Razorcrest, and the Stormraven seems like a good size for that purpose. I even have one around, that I might just use for that purpose.

The Mandalorian The Mundalorian

The bountyhunters stormraven could be one that was damaged and looted afterwards, maybe by one of the guilds or Van Saar contractors. As such it would make sense to make it a former Imperial Fist vehicle, if I stay at Necromunda (a recruiting world for the Fists).

When I build the stormraven back in 2011, as part of a review, I had the its use not really for Space Marines but already Inq28 in mind, as a aircraft / small spaceship for an Inquisitor and his retinue.

Inq28 - Bounty Hunter's Stormraven Gunship Inq28 - Bounty Hunter's Stormraven Gunship Inq28 - Bounty Hunter's Stormraven Gunship

Have to see how I can transfer the worn down paint job of the Slave One onto this ship. I guess a light grey / creme with green and reddish-brown elements ontop of that, with a lot of heavy weathering.

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  1. Great! One thing maybe Eisenkern stormtrooper would be better as main body because of armor plates on legs? And it’s a great idea ti use Stormraven as private ship for Inqv 28 too!

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