Dark Imperium – Praise Father Nurgle

The new Warhammer 40,000 Set Dark Imperium was released recently and I split the box with a few people, keeping two Death Guard Plague Marines, the twenty Pox Walkers and a handful of Primaris Marines for myself. For this article, I want to keep the focus on the followers of the great father Nurgle.

The Pox Walkers have their own sprue, which is included two times in the set (basically giving you two sets of 10 each) and the body of a Death Guard Plague Marine. I went with the Plague Marine 8a and 8g.

Dark Imperium - Deathguard


Pinterest: Pijlie, Je Lay Emprins and KrautScientist

Here we are, Christmas is coming closer and i want to show you the next three picks from my pinterest board.

Let's begin with Pijlie's Wargames Blog, a dutch neighbor. His Jugula project was the one, i found first and other ongoing projects are not less interesting. So beside the 1:35 gladiator set-up, that i follow as well with the same miniatures, you'll find awesome paintjobs, Frostgrave and nice tours, among others in Berlin.

Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula

If you want to get a closer look on those miniatures and maybe meet a few of them in person, pay a visit to Poldercon in Utrecht, NL, on 7th February 2016.



Back to the Underhive – Part 2

And again back to the Underhive. First, let me share the collection box of Necromunda, Gorka Morka and other Sidegames from the Warhammer 40.000 Universum. Muties, Diggers, Scavvies and other stuff.

Necromunda Goodies


January reinforcement

I didn't have the chance, to show you what was new in January in the chaosbunker. At the HdR Szenario, i took the chance and bought some of the Heer46 novelties. Denis offers some special dice from time to time, so i pre-ordered a few Crusader dice and the Gebirgsjäger dice, which due to the impressive stag head will fit nicely in a fantasy setting (lets say Westeros Baratheon). Then he had the first one of a new range of 1:56 / 28mm miniatures for World War 2 and a new 1:100 / 15mm B4 203mm howitzer.

Heer 46 Dice Heer46 Offizier Heer46 Russian Howitzer


Mission 2013

As promissed a small view into what was going on in the last few days.

First off all, the freebooters fate goblins are completely build. No easy thing to do, as some parts just needed to be pinned. The casting quality is amazing, without any doubts, but many of the parts that needed to be glued are incredibly tiny and frustrating to assemble.

Freebooters Fate Goblins


Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnacht, Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas everybody! Frohe Weihnachten zusammen!

I was really looking forward to post first pictures of what i was doing earlier, but there has been an evil thief that stole my time. This thief is called steam and is having a Winter Sale, with incredible bargains and deals. And due to the extreme amount of savings, i felt for some of them.


Starting in 3 … 2 … 1

My vacation has now officially started, its thursday morning and there is a long list of to-dos for three and a half weeks of time.

What is the starting situation?

Well, first of all, i got some support with another Boba Fett, who's sitting on my monitor. He complements the star wars theme with the two lego flyers, the x-wing miniatures game and the Boba Fett dice holder (you remember?).

BobaFett2 Boba Fett