Slave Ogryns Mechanics and Pit Slaves

I already talked about the possibilities of this kit in the review on the Slave Ogryn Gang for Necromunda, but now it is time to let some actions follow those words.

These are not the first ogryn sized models within the Warhammer range, and as we how quite the few bits to choose from for some kit bashing it was time to see, what would work.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

The most obvious kit to look into would be the Ogryns / Bullgryns kit from the regular 40k range. The heads fit the size, but need a bit of green stuff on the neck, as the connection is different. A fist from the Kastellan Robots could be interesting to mix up the augmented power fists, and with the Slave Ogryns being often pit crew or mechanic, a few tool bits from the Genestealer Cultists or similar items from the Orks (in this case the biker) a good choice as well.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

The main reason to go for these conversions is to break of the A/B B/A scheme of the models. They are great as duos, but as soon as you build more the similarity is pretty obvious. I was looking for a second mechanic, and thought about having him carry a power tool, being a bit more flexible than the other one whose right arm is a fixed weapon / tool combination.

A heavy rock cutter from the Acolyte Hybrids made a great portable weapon, along with the bearded head from the Bullgryn kit. The head is currently just put in place with blu-tac and I have to sculpt a proper neck for him. The suspenders and beard give him a round look. Quite happy about the pose.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

As for the second one, I would have the choice to either give him a storm-welder or no arm at all on the right side. This one didn't need to be a mechanic like the other, a Pit Slave matching the old design would be an interesting fit as well. I was thinking about having him wield a weapon with both arms, but missing the arms that was no proper option. So I thought about repurposing or replacing the storm-welder. The rock saw had the matching size, but would need some attention.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

Cutting off a few parts from the back part and add some of the smaller bits from the storm welder creates a round finish. Depending on how mad you want him to be, you can use an Ork Boss' face and a second circular saw for the other arm.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

As for the power pack, I wanted a bit more variation, so I combined both and lowered the round coil.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

A comparison of both tools next to each other and the converted Ogryns along the two from the review.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

The Ogryns run well with the Mek Workshop, would make for a proper part of a Necromunda table.

Necromunda - Slave Ogryn Necromunda - Slave Ogryn

I'll probably keep them as NPCs in my Inq28 / Necromunda narrative. What did you do with them? Have you done or seen some proper conversion of this kit? Let me know.

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