Journey of the Maulers: Fans for fans

Since the beginning of the Journey of the Maulers series, which now consists of 23 articles, I have decided to paint fans for the team. After I had painted the Maulers completely, I wanted to be able to put one more fan on the bleachers for each game I played. As a small "thank you" to all who tested the Wanderleague approach with me.

Journey of the Maulers - The Maulers Journey of the Maulers - The Maulers

I usually recycle old Warhammer Fantasy Orcs for this little side project, but I also try to bring a bit of variety to the bunch of hool...uh... "friends of the sport" with the upcoming fan minis. The Norse fan was painted for the game against Jens' Avengers and the snotling for the game against Jonas' Gobbos.


Having a few models for fans also has a few practical advantages:

  • You can try out new colour combinations without alienating the overall picture of the actual team
  • You keep practicing certain colors, or you can get used to them again, if you have taken a longer break with the previously chosen color scheme
  • They are practical markers for rerolls, the turn marker and a good reminder for special play cards
  • Should a Journeyman be needed for the team, they can also take the field as a temporary replacement

Do you also support your team with a few fans on the sideline as well? Let us know and show them to us on our Facebook page!


Greetings from the bleachers


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