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Late last year, the Mordheim Facebook group surpassed the 10,000th member (and now has reached beyond 13k members) and for that occasion they planned something special.

"They" is a bit unspecific at that point, as Tuomas Pirinen, the author of the Mordheim rule set, took upon to coordinate this idea. And after a huge brainstorming, they decided to go with a special miniature, incl. rules and artwork.

With Artwork by John Wigley (who did part of the original Mordheim Artwork) and miniature design by Owen Matthew Aurelio, the project started, supported by Heresy Lab.

Mordheim - Ye Editor Speaks Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum

The choice fell on Luther (or Luthor, depending on the writing) Wulfenbaum. If that name rings a bell, that's for a reason. It is the character that narrates the Mordheim rulebook.

Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum

So around the end of 2019, you could order the miniature either in resin or metal for 5,75 USD / 5,50 USD that would cover the parts to build Luther in one of three variants, either as a swordsman, a marksman or a mage. Sharing the same body, but different heads and weaponry. I preordered both variants. The price was calculated in a way, that it was at costs, as this wasn't meant to earn profits but to deliver to the community. A really great move.

Of course, the demand was quite high and a project like this often comes across problems and in this case a big one, due to the pandemic hitting Italy (from where the project was coordinated) very hard and causing supply problems from China, the delivery was postponed and parts of the idea had to be modified. For example, the metal casts were dropped, as they couldn't be produced and delivered in time, so all of the orders were changed into resin ones. But as a "amend" they added a special dice to the orders. The initial goal of delivery in february was moved to May / June, but with this being a community project, I think it is quite fair.

As postal service was quite stressed in the last months, they added the option for tracked service. Mine was shipped last week and arrived here during the week, so a great job by the Poste Italiane. The casting is well done, good details and I'll probably go for the swordsman.

Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum

A lot of people still seem to missed out on this, for that reason the Mordheim group organised a sell post at costs (so no scalping) and the dice more or less is used as a "genuine certificate" prop. I intended to give my second copy to a friend of mine, who is a huge Warhammer skirmish fan, but he got one himself, so I passed that one on to another gamer at costs.

Toumas did a lot of community work in the past, even after leaving Games Workshop and working for EA and Ubisoft. He's now with his own game company Brutal Game Design, and did an AMA on reddit along with a slideshare on the 20th anniversary of Mordheim. He even supplied the Dramatis Personae rules for Luther Wulfenbaum for Mordheim, to be found here:

Some early copies of the miniature were already painted, just look how great Luthor can look. The studio paintjob was done by Axia Painting Studio.

Heresy Lab - Luther Wulfenbaum Heresy Lab - Luther Wulfenbaum

If you're interested in the Mordheim rules, there is a Living Rulebook and Community Edition, you can find online among other sources here:

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