Weekend Update CW 24/2020 – Mordheim, Paints and Blood Bowl

I am honest, I was a bit nervous about the arrival of this one, Luthor / Luther Wulfenbaum, as international shipping is still stressed at the moment, but the italian post office delivered and quite quick.

Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum Mordheim - Luther Wulfenbaum

The first preparation for the Realm of Chaos project was done this week as well, so I can start with Hooves and Fur in the summer project. The second article will go live next week, with my view on the paint scheme and I hope to get in a test miniature before the project starts.

Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Realm of Chaos - Brayherd Paints

We had a bridging day this week, and I took friday off. On thursday I was at my parents, taking care of some tasks, like installing a safety gate and setting up a hollywood swing for the summer. My dad is a philatelist and comes across some interesting items in the lots he buys and sells. I took interest in this post / stamp catalogue from the early 20th century and I took some pictures of it. What do I want with this?

I really like the idea of handouts and special campaign or gaming day items, and to me this looks like a really great ressource for that. A letter from the trenches, mission objectives in an envelope and designed a way that fits the scenario.

Reichspostgebiet Regierungs-Blatt Regierungs-Blatt

Friday was used for some further decluttering in my hobby den, and I decided to part with the 1988 2nd edition boxed set of Blood Bowl. I started tabletop back in the day with the 3rd edition on christmas 1996. A good friend of mine asked me about that box and it really is just sitting on my shelf, without any plans. And just having it for the sake of it, doesn't really do it any good. The box even includes the Dungeon Bowl 1989 expansion with Elves and Dwarves.

But I took some pictures of it and its contents prior to handing it over, so I'll cover this in one of the nostalgia articles.

Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition Boxed Set Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition Boxed Set Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition Blood Bowl - 2nd Edition Boxed Set

It felt good to get some room and reduce the unused backlog. To be honest, the miniatures cause me less troubles, but the amount of terrain I have here and that wants to be build (and the space it takes or will take up once it is build) is a whole different story.

I binged F is for Family on friday, when it aired on Netflix. It was okay, it's not as entertaining as the first two seasons, but well made.And matching to that, I came across the Joe Rogan Podcast #1491 with Bill Burr. I like the way how they interact, you really see that they are friends and have a great time, just having a chat and enjoying a stogie. Other than that, I just watched a few episodes of Seinfeld, season 5.

That's it for today. Stay safe. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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