A miniature Odyssey – Priest of Hades

The preparations for my Summer Project for Mortal Gods are in full swing and I hope to finish my bonus round before the first of July, if possible. I have already taken the first step on this path - the first priest of Hades is ready and I might add another one over the course of time.

A miniature Odyssey – Priest of Hades

The model is a simple conversion from the body of a peltast by Victrix, a barbarian head by North Star Miniatures and a bag, as well as a dagger, which are also by North Star and are from the box of female wizards.

A miniature Odyssey – Priest of Hades

I deliberately kept the palette of colors simple and dark so that the model has an "evil" flair. The coiled sacrificial dagger underlines the special position of the model within the army.

A miniature Odyssey – Priest of Hades

The fire flickered crackling beside the altar and illuminated the mortal remains of a hero who had long since fallen. Everything was ready. Nekrodigos plunged the sacrificial dagger into the goat, which immediately went limp. He held the heart dripping with blood over the hero's head and pronounced the invocation to Hades. As the drops slowly ran down the hero's forehead, an unnatural silence fell. In the next moment, the heart in Nekrodigo's hand began to beat again and the hero rose, as he returned from Tartarus...


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