A miniature Odyssey – Zombies?

While I was sitting brooding over the skeletons, I must have unconsciously grabbed a Mantic zombie and modified it with parts from the frame of the Victrix Peltasts. I probably played way too much Titan Quest over the years and now I think zombies would fit well into the Mortal Gods setting.

A miniature Odyssey – Zombies?

A miniature Odyssey – Zombies? A miniature Odyssey – Zombies?

Gregor, also participating in the Summer Project on, will send me some parts for more zombies to fill up a regiment. But at the moment I'm in the mood to make a whole second block of zombies and convert them to look like fallen Hoplites. So if you want to get rid of two or three more zombies or exchange them for something else, feel free to contact me!


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