Realm of Chaos – Hooves and Fur Part XII

The wash has dried on the base colours and I had this to work on. Once again I am quite surprised by the decent result you get by a simple wash.

Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur

Anyhow, that isn't my personal claim, so I added further highlights, pretty much the same way I did with the Gors in the other two batches (Part V and Part VIII). Have to say, I am not that happy about the sculpts, compared to the older models the miniatures would have benefited from being two parts or more open posed. For example the hunched bestigor is missing details on the left side of his face and I'll have to freehand a bit on there. Beyond that, the black lining using Dark Tone has helped me a lot. And the close up pictures help me to see better the details that need some further attention, like the clean-up on the belts and studs.

Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur

As the axe blade of the minotaur was quite large, I wanted to break up that flat surface and added some rust I stipled on with brown and orange tones.

I don't have shields to paint in this step, but the banner of the Beastmen Chieftain. So started with the base colours, or better said priming as the flesh and bone is too light to go directly onto the black and create a proper coat of paint. That guy is the biggest problem in this batch to be honest. I couldn't find any good ressources of that guy painted and compared to the champions he's a bit crowded and has not the best pose, he's just bigger than the other gors. Anyhow, I'll try my best.

Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur

That is my current status, it took a bit longer due to the heat and a slight injury on my hand, but as I only have the third and final highlights to add, I am quite confident that I can close this project in the next few days, as far as the temperature drops.

Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur Realm of Chaos - Hooves and Fur

So roughly a month and a week left, and only a few highlights to take care of, sounds viable.

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