Stumbling over some Sisters of Battle

I have a fable for the 2nd Edition of Warhammer 40.000 – that’s no secret. And that is one of the projects, that I decided to keep and to put into reality during the “cleansing” of my stock.

While sorting through the lead pile, I came across my two squads of sisters of battle and looked into the according codex (1997, so quite late for the 2nd edition). It only had 64 pages and due to the limited amount of units, it was more of a side army, something you would normally use as an allied contingent for an Imperial Guard. Beside the Sisters of Battle Squads, I have a few of the ecclesiarchy models for my Inq28, so I got them together to check if that would be a lot big enough to follow up on, or too far away from completion and better be sold.

Sisters of Battle - Starting Lot

If you compare that, to the Studio Army, the delta is not that big. Of course, those were painted in the colour scheme of the Order of our Martyred Lady. But you can see, it's not really a big army, 2 squads of 6, a squad of Seraphim, a cannoness with banner and bodyguard, a rhino, an immolator, a priest and a named char.

I already have two squads, the named character (even a few more than just the one), priests, the banner and even a few frateris militia.

Sisters of Battle - Studio Army

So the evil thoughts came back ...

Bilbo Meme - After all, why not?

I’d need a few more seraphim, a cannoness with bodyguard and a Rhino, and maybe if I find it an old Immolator that one as well. The Seraphim and the Immolator could get expensive, the Rhino is a regular Mk I, so not that big of a problem and the cannoness and some regular SoB are not rare nor expensive. So that was a 50/50, I would follow up on this if the time comes and I come across the matching offers.

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