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I usually pick up Wargames Foundry at shows likes Crisis or Salute, but with the lack of shows "lately" I went for some direct ordering. As I have friends in the UK, I'm able to order without the hassle of customs and fees. These were ordered in April, Foundry did a great job having them delivered only a few days later within the UK, and I only recently came around to arrange the hand over. So that's only a solution for some non-time critical items, never the less - let's take a look at what I got myself.

Wargames Foundry Wargames Foundry

For my Old West project, I did some stock taking and the only band I was missing to cover all those from Legends of the Old West, were the mountain men. Most of the miniatures in that collection are Artizan Design or Boot Hill Miniatures, with a few foundry as well, as the scale varies a bit (some of the Foundry are rather old, but characterful sculpts, so closer to 25mm in some cases).

Wild West Tray

I browsed through their Old West collection, they re-arranged some of the codes into bundles with mounted and on-foot variants of the same characters. They have 6+ codes matching for the mountain men, and I went for these

At 2 GBP per miniature the pricing is fair, the characters are very different and I might be missing a mule or something similar, but beyond that I'm happy with what I got. Casting is properly done, the regular clean up. Nothing to worry about.

Wargames Foundry - Old West Mountain Men Wargames Foundry - Old West Mountain Men

While reducing stock, I kept some of the early to mid 90s Warhammer miniatures. Not for Warhammer Fantasy battles, but generic, smaller skirmishes with the beautiful old- and middlehammer miniatures. One warband from the stock was finished in the last year, Hooves and Fur, a Realm of Chaos beastman warband. I want to do something similar with my Empire miniatures, and I even have some of the old plastic infantry in my collection.

Warhammer Fantasy - Soldiers of the Empire Regiment Boxed Set Warhammer Fantasy - Soldiers of the Empire Regiment Boxed Set

But as these are more for building regiments and not what I have in mind for a small skirmish warband (besides them being slightly taller than the remaining range), I was looking at some of the old metal miniatures. Unfortunatelly, the lockdown created a price increase among most of the older stock, and on some miniatures far beyond what I was willing to pay.

Empire infantry was not something we've seen that much of in Western Europe / Germany. Games Workshop went big here in the late 90s and by then the mono-pose plastics and shown above multipart plastics were dominant, not the metal models (at least not for the regular rank & file). So the only items I was able to acquire were the command miniatures.

Warhammer Annual Catalogue Warhammer Annual Catalogue Warhammer Annual Catalogue

That range was sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry back then, and they did a Renaissance / Landsknecht range as well in the late 80s, that is now part of the Foundry catalogue.

Michael & Alan Perry

And to have a few miniatures for rank & file, wielding helbards or spears, firing muskets, I gave those codes a try. Knowing about their smaller scale and that it might be tricky with the "newer" miniatures. I might do some head swaps with the plastic bits that I have, as well as giving some of them swords.

Wargames Foundry - Landsknechte Wargames Foundry - Landsknechte

Again 2 GBP per miniature, but what is really great, all of them are different sculpts, not just 2 poses but 8 different in each code, and they a lot of them. Was quite tricky for me to decide, the handgunner character set REN021 was set, were REN037 and REN042 were chosen due to their poses and armour, which seemed like the best fit for the conversion and other models from the project.

And as you can see, not a bad fit scale wise.

Wargames Foundry - Landsknechte Scale

As a bonus I got myself two of the Time Warped Wizards, that were originally planned to be released by Citadel/Marauder. These are "beefier" than the models above, but would be great as some more exotic and still very fitting addition to the Empire project.

Wargames Foundry - Time Warped Wizards Wargames Foundry - Time Warped Wizards

I thought of them as some Kislev palace guard or so, and the comparison gives it away it is a good match.

Wargames Foundry - Time Warped Wizards Scale Wargames Foundry - Time Warped Wizards Scale

Will have some spare poses of the landsknechts, that I'd be willing to split with after this.

Have a great sunday.

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